300 years ago, people have been eating better – so we can learn from it


If the Saxons to the “century wedding” of elector Friedrich August II and Emperor’s daughter Maria Josepha 300 years ago, then you look in the cooking pots of the time. You tafelte at the court in Dresden the Prince is as well known as the cravings of August the Strong, the father of the groom. He did not want to get with the wedding of the Emperor’s title to Saxony, which was, of course. However, over the four-week celebration was talked of in the whole of Europe. The Dresdner Hof flaunted with the Planet festivals, fireworks and plenty of food and drink.

The historian Josef Matzerath from the TU Dresden has not been researched only in the history of the nobility and aristocracy. The history of the country-day in Saxony, made him an appetite to take the court in Dresden under the magnifying glass. The country days – an elector stands representative – met in Torgau, and before that other places in Saxony, and was cooked in the mobile kitchen of the court. Matzerath attests to your European top level.


New Food Trends

snack classification – why meals, as we know it, at the end of h3> By Denise Snieguole Wachter as early as the year 1600 were employed in the kitchen for about 40 people, some of them clean but also silver or the utensils had to maintain. Matzerath speaks with high respect for how the Hofköche managed the logistics for the orientation of the elector of panels. Guests at the big Firm – appeared to the marriage of the crown Prince, some 1200 people – to host, had to ingredients such as cattle, deer or partridges, de facto, “just in time” delivered because of refrigeration at that time there was hardly.

The restriction has led to what experts today would like to have a lot of nutrition for the present: to be a regional and seasonal cuisine, which uses local products and seasonal ingredients. “Around the year 1700, everything is organic,” says Matzerath, even if not everything comes from Saxony. August the Strong potion with the preference of wine from France, from the Rhine or from Swiss francs. The Saxon wine was rather overcooked in the kitchen. Also a oyster-Express of the North sea at the river Elbe in Dresden Station.

But the greatest part of the foods such as Butter, cheese, or meat was then not far to transport, and had to be procured in the Region – the Wild from the forests of the country, the fish from the specially created ponds in Eastern Saxony or Moritzburg. “Almost all of the food at this time depend on the season, the possibilities for conservation are miserable. There was nothing to freeze, or in tins do,” says the historian. You have can dry, salt, or sugar loading, but the latter at that time was very expensive. “Nevertheless, sugar has been used, so-called canned produce – fruits, which retained their flavour even in the off-season.” The Genoese fruits, they can be considered pure luxury, and the sugar bakery is one of the best paid people in the court.

expert tips

eat Better for the climate: Then you should be on these two food

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

the season for fruit and vegetables “trick waive”, the Baroque ancestral inventive. A warmth-giving layer of manure under the earth, was to leave the asparagus in the early spring Bud break. With the planting of different Apple varieties, it was attempted to have as large a period of time for the harvest. Taste of the courtly Baroque cuisine, however, lived in a different world. Until the end of the 18th century. Century, it combined the flavor of the meat with spices. Since they form in the European cuisine, the aromatic Background.

Seasonal and regional then and now

While there was at the court, even in lean years, always enough to eat, had to the simple people in the country Often starve. Matzerath assumes that you have smelled meat at best. “The age of 18. Century was the century of hunger.” It is the time when you do Corn and potatoes from South America to European dining. Both crops on the same area much more fertile than the hitherto dominant varieties of cereals. At the beginning of the as inferior perceived potatoes were fed to the pigs.

sustainability: Good for the environment: These five courts are better shells for the climate Fullscreen

Venezuela:, clams, mussels

they are rich in proteins, as long as they come from clean waters. Because mussels filter the water in which they grow. Because mussels feed on Phytoplankton, you need only a fraction of the Ecosystem, to your Protein. No other animal protein is, therefore, more sustainable.

Matzerath has issued to the “product-cuisine” of the Saxon court, of several books. So he also connects the hope that consumer access to food of the season and from the Region. In view of the current climate debate, it seems more than questionable why the trout from Chile or Apples from new Zealand in German stores. Supporters of a seasonal cuisine to refer to a different aspect. If not, everything is constantly available, there is also anticipation for the strawberry or asparagus season.

The German nutrition society (DGE) in Bonn advises to regional and seasonal Goods. They are often cheaper and have a better environmental footprint, says DGE spokeswoman Antje Gahl. Also vegetables and fruit with quirks and patches would provide the consumer with vitamins and minerals. What doesn’t look so nice, can you soups still great or Smoothies process: “It is only the ‘inner values that count anyway’.”

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