50 reasons why Tim Mälzer, the master of Kitchen Impossible is


25 opponent have to cook dared against Tim Mälzer. Some were there twice, some every Time (Tim Raue), some of them never to be seen again. The focus is on the cuisine. You is and Kitchen Impossibles” highest “remains Good. But without Tim Mälzer, the consignment would not be so successful. In the 50’s.ten duel, the TV chef and the star chef Maximilian straws, upside down as a young chef, the food scene in Germany.

Brewer get his anniversary task by him in the Allgäu: Mac and cheese, and herb fritters, which he copes with his typical kind of “Without-Plan-simple-plan-los”. This is one reason why he is so successful in this cooking show that represents him more than any of the other cooking shows before. Here are 50 reasons why Brewer is the Brain of this cooking show.

He has shown everyone that he can cook.And that’s pretty often.Whether in the star kitchen, at grandma’s, on the open fire, in the most primitive of kitchens.Mälzer reputation as a simple “fries cooking” is obsolete.After 50 duels, looking at him still when cooking.It is this ambition that inspires.And his approach to unknown dishes.First he smells then he’s talking about.Then, he analyzed the basis of the mere appearance.Finally, he grabs the whole dish with the hands.And is mostly accurate.In the kitchen, he often has a Plan.But it comes at the end, but most of the time to the goal.It is this experimental animal joy, which he sets on the day.He does not know how the dough should go, he makes three different.And bakes or cooks the samples.As a result, he is ahead of his rivals quite a bit.He is not arrogant, but remains in place when cooking on the floor.And has the respect of kitchens and know that he may be never. (Izakaya cuisine in Japan)self-encouragement, he says again and again that he is the Coolest.Often he’s right.Also if you wish for him to Fail sometimes.He is a good loser and congratulates his opponents honest.He is a better winner.To anyone he takes a sheet before the mouth.His foul language is now part of “Kitchen Impossible”.He will slowly age mild.Brewer has managed to bring high-doped star chefs to their limits.In the simplest of things, such as Noodle or onion cutting.If a Maltster does not know, he drinks a Short.Favorite in domestic kitchens, in southern Europe.Brewer shows emotions.If he stands in front of his cooking roots in England, a roll he has brought with him the TränenUnd other chefs for the wines.Because he reminded you of where you come from.Brewer has managed to establish a cooking show, the far from Lafer, Lichter, Lecker.She makes fun.That viewers watch 2 hours and 50 minutes cooks in cooking, is also Mälzer merit.And he gets even with noodles or Fish and Chips.He also has the gift to conjure up emotions on the plate.And so much as.Brewer teaches the audience a lot about the culinary arts.And also the importance that food has for cultures.Brewer polarized.No wonder so many cooks, would him, the loudmouth, beat on the loved one.Meanwhile, the fear, in addition to the professional look old, but there is more.The nonchalance, after so many duels, can take it no more.He asks again and again, Jamie Oliver if he would cook against him.And Eckart witzigmann. He has so much respect for him, that he would allow him to win.In 50 duels Maltster is, above all, one thing remained true.

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