A response to Vegan-Hype: the US Fast-Food chain is testing vegetables from meat


meat manufacturers, such as Beyond Meat are booming, the Hype surrounding the vegan Burger is huge. But now the tables are turned: The Fast-Food chain Arby’s blows to the counter-attack – with vegetables from meat. The U.S. company promises a whole new food category: “Meat Vegetables” (in German: meat, vegetables), in short “Megetables”. The company is really serious about this?

“It’s not a PR Stunt,” says an Arby’s spokesman on Monday on demand. So far, the 1964 in Ohio, founded and 3300 stores counting chain to try their meat vegetable creations in the test kitchen, but the Whole thing is supposedly meant just as a joke. “We have to sell them in our Restaurants,” says the spokesman. “We are currently working.”

Arby’s Marrot from Inspire Stories on Vimeo.

Turkey breast carrot called “Marrot”

Meat biscuit

Lidl brings the hyped “Beyond Meat Burger” to the range – to him the Stars of Hollywood

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

swearing can make “If other meat from vegetables, why we should be able to make vegetables out of meat?”, ask Arby’s blog-marketing boss Jim Taylor in the company. A first product is a Turkey breast carrot called “Marrot” – was also presented. Meat replacement products have tried, but ultimately only to make the vegetables look like what Americans really wanted, writes Taylor: “Delicious meat”.

Whether Arby’s pulls, the action will really or just a slice of the current Hype wants it cut, it remains to be seen. It would depend on the “Megetables” of the chain with the Slogan “We have the meat” well. But whether you can build on the success of the vegan up-and-comer? Fixed: Other chain of TGI Fridays about White Castle and Burger King – go for the vegan Burger by Beyond Meat and its rivals Impossible Foods.


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