After 25 years: Johann Lafer, his power leaves the castle


admitted Only at the beginning of the year, Johann Lafer known to the farewell of the stars: He graduated with a luxury Restaurant, the “Val d’or” on the current castle in Bad Kreuznach, in Rhineland-Palatinate. This had worn since 1994 a Michelin star in 1998, he was awarded even a second. The he held until 2009.

Apparently, the TV had a cooking no more desire to the world of gastronomy. In January, he said in an Interview with the süddeutsche Zeitung: “I want to be closer to people. I go back to my culinary roots. I want to dedicate myself to the Vision of a traditional, yet modern cuisine.” So he opened in April, the newly designed Restaurant “Johanns”.

Johann Lafer

He bids farewell to the stars


The celebrity chef announced it as a “simple kitchen at the usual high Lafer-level” and a “System” that he had the feeling, “where Lafer is on it, is Lafer in”. He said in April of this year. But now is the end of it. In a message, it means now that the new concept for the current castle was “created from the beginning so that it also works without the presence of the chief.”

new beginning for Johann Lafer

25 years Lafer has led to the current castle with Hotel, Bar, courtyard, event spaces and Restaurant. The perfect time for a fresh start? That the children would not compete of Johann Lafer and his wife Silvia, the successor, was already no longer clear. In 2017, the Hohnhaus was therefore already & Jansen Berger group, Munich Partner, or to put it loosely: – money donors. The new concept of the current castle, which was renovated in the last few years, consuming, seems to bear fruit and to enable Lafer withdrawal earlier than previously thought. What the new management is doing now from Lafers heritage, only time will tell.


TV-chef Johann Lafer

Amateur cooks are different today, hardly any of the professionals

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The decision was not liked by the celebrity chef, nevertheless, easy as it is. The 61-Year-old but still act as “culinary Ambassador” for “my vessel heart” and Singapore Airlines. Of Lafer spared, you will remain in any case: He wants to expand his cooking school in Guldental. He is working on new TV concepts, cooking books and magazines. From time to time he opened new Restaurants, the last of the top restaurant “The Library” at The Ritz-Carlton in Kuala Lumpur. The highlight of his barely manageable activities: Johann Lafer Heli Gourmet GmbH. The helicopter pilot Johann Lafer flies guests, with whom he has an exclusive picnic prepared, to a hill, from which you can enjoy with spectacular views of the middle Rhine valley, the food. Ticket price per Person: significantly more than 1,000 euros.

In television, he is with TV shows such as “The merry vineyard”, “Himmel un Erd”, “L Lafer”, “Enjoy the good German”, “Lanz kocht”, “Lafer! Lights! Delicious!”, “The cooking arena” and “The kitchen battle” at the most famous TV chef in Germany has become. Ans Johann Lafer does not think to Stop for a long time.

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