After pork-debate: It’s bullshit, that would be a betrayal of our German kitchen


Leipzig day-care centres wanted to order is out of consideration for Muslim girl to the pig for lunch. Parents should, of course, give to continue to sausage. The reactions were, however, so violently, that they rowed back. You will find that diet should be in kindergarten already a political issue?

Dagmar von Cramm: food to recharge in day-care centres politically, I find completely exaggerated. Because, actually, it’s about something else entirely: The nutrition in day care centers is a great opportunity. And in the prevention of diet-related diseases. The nursery is ideally suited to deficits that occur in the families and children at a food to bring, what would you know otherwise never. In practice, I find the above-mentioned case is not so dramatic.


Shameful summer hole filler

The whole ridiculousness of the debate about pork in kindergartens

The debate is cooked so high that even the police in the day-care centre is over looked.

I’m the day-care centre-line of suffering, since it is already in the children’s diet is less meat eaten should be. In accordance with the Standards of the German nutrition society (DGE) should at least be enough for the week, fish and total white meat such as poultry are preferred.

the head of The centre, it was but especially to the cultural Background of the girl. Pious Muslims are supposed to eat according to the rules of Islam, no pork. You will find, you should take into consideration?

It of course depends on the composition of the Kita. 90 percent of the children are Muslims, I would definitely take that into consideration. But it should always be offered an Alternative. For example, those who do not want to eat pork chop wars, a Fried egg. The groups are rarely huge. A child has an intolerance or even celiac disease, then the educator or the educator takes into consideration. Just as when two Muslim girls in the group. Pork schnitzel is on the menu, get the easy vegetable patties, or other Alternative. That a debate must be cooking up, I find silly.

The debate has now taken a different direction.

Because the topic was exploited for populist purposes. It is the impression that we would tell our German cuisine, so that migrant children would be satisfied arises. This is complete bullshit, and short thought.


The expert:

Dagmar von Cramm nutrition scientist (Dipl. oec. troph). She is a technical journalist and book author.

What should it go then?

In the nursery are diet-related sensitive requested dates. If someone is, for example, a vegetarian, or dairy products can tolerate. This does not mean that all others also need to eat, but the thought of it should be. Muslims I would not treat differently than vegetarians or children with celiac disease. Overall, it’s full value.

How to make a perfect plate looks like noon in the nursery?

I would like the oven potatoes with herbal quark for Dipping is great. Even oven vegetables such as carrots and broccoli. Children’s finger food like.

you have already brought a book to the kindergarten meals out. What is it about food in day care centers?

Very different. There are two problems: first, the Budget. It is always the question of how much the city or the municipality zuschießt. The second is how engaged the Board is and the personal interest in the topic of nutrition. Not everyone is interested in healthy nutrition. The a find language development is important, the other music and Crafts.


Kita-cook Astrid Niessen

eat “is dogmatic” – why it is important that children, you could already change in the kindergarten to eat well

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

If there are three essential things in the day-to-food – what would that be?

first of all, that the device is cooked, if there are only 20 to 30 children. This is possible without any problems and costs just as much to make as the food supply. Secondly, that the quality standards of DGE are mandatory. For example, in the case of the lunch meals: whole grain products, fresh or frozen-vegetables, legumes, salad, fresh or frozen fruit with no added sugar once a week and fish twice a week, meat or sausage, preferably from poultry. And, thirdly, that the children eat together and that the children are involved in cooking with.

What do you think of sweets in the nursery?

I don’t think you need sweets, as an educational aid in a well-run day-care centre. Parents can use time out. But sweets, as a Standard, is a No-Go.

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