Aldi in may: It is never too early to prepare for Christmas, Andy!


“Seriously @AldiUK??” the short message, the Twitter User Andy is the UK Aldi-group at the 3. May, via Twitter sent. “Are you Serious?” He had discovered in the discounters three weeks after Easter, the first Christmas article, called a Christmas Eve Box. The “Christmas Eve Box” today, small children in many British households on the evening of the 24. December paid, because of boxing day, the Christmas gifts unwrapped, in the United Kingdom on the 25. December will be celebrated. According to the BBC, the largest search volume for such a Box in the middle of November, so in a good half year. But the Social Media representative of Aldi UK Andy’s question with Humor. What else is left to you.

“It is never too early to prepare for Christmas, Andy!”, the response on Twitter.

Christmas items in supermarkets

We know it from Germany, from the end of August, in week 35, the first gingerbread in the trade. Even if the customers say every year, it would probably always be previously going on with the Christmas cookies, this period is fix. Although people get upset about it, worth it for the supermarkets business. The anticipation of Christmas ensures that there is sufficient customer already in the summer. And the end of the sell-off is finally programmed to: According to the 24. December, the shops get rid of your Christmas sweets, not even at a reduced price.

In Britain, however, the existence of the Christmas Eve Box is discussed critically. When they appeared for the first Time in appearance, not exactly, but their popularity is increasing every year. Many parents who already have to save for Christmas, the financially under pressure, the cost of this Box vary between less than 10 and more than 100 pounds, depending on the content. And on the following day, it must be the “right” gifts.

sources: Twitter, BBC


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