Alexander Herrmann and now has two Michelin stars – can he cook?


A TV chef do not need to cut in front of all, as much as possible in the Finger while he’s talking, onion rolls, and in the cooking pot stirred. But he needs to be able to really cook? So really, really good? Or it is not enough, if he has the Basics and the techniques down, eat it to the viewers anyway.

Alexander Herrmann likes to cook in the television and sometimes you could get the impression that he talks even better in his broad local dialect and prefer to be under than to cook, which is perfectly legitimate. But the prejudice that TV can’t cook chefs, under no circumstances invalidated. In the top of gastronomy, only few know the name of the TV chefs. The play in a completely different League.

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Why “Kitchen Impossible” is so damn successful

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Tim Mälzer, for example, was for many years ridiculed. He was regarded as the fries cook, as Kochrüpel, you can just put together a Burger. But cooking? The the not can. A television show proved the opposite. In “Kitchen Impossible”, a cooking documentary, which is already running in the fourth season, he has shown it to all his critics. He is not bad at all.

From the Alexander Herrmann you can think what you want. He is perhaps a little conservative, more of the old school, and like to Wife jokes. His face appears regularly on TV: “The taste” on Sat.1, in the case of “city, country, Delicious” in the ZDF and since 2018 it even has its own Live stage show. But his Restaurant has a Michelin star, and now even the second receives, so that nobody would have expected. At least no one who is not acting in the industry. Sometimes it is just exactly that: You see people on television, and formed his judgment – until one is disabused.

Alexander Herrmann chief cook Fullscreen

Alexander Herrmann (left) with his kitchen Tobias Bätz. The Alexander Herrmann at the post hotel in Wirsberg is now wearing two stars.

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His Restaurant Alexander Herrmann at the post hotel in Wirsberg two star is wearing now. This is a great award. Behind Herrmann is, of course, not alone: first and foremost, it is the merit of the chef Tobias Bätz and his Team. But Herrmann is the “Creative” of the two, as he says himself. “When we design menus, we both of us, Tobias seeks out the products, then we are going to create together the dishes,” said Herrmann in an interview with the star. As far as the framework conditions. When it comes to food and the philosophy in the kitchen, then Bätz is in Charge: “It’s about the Storytelling, the chefs serve the food, we are working with regional products, we even have a food scout who is working with the small farmers very closely. We process the in a kitchen, taking also the head, not just the belly.”

Michelin star restaurants in 2019: Which are the best Restaurants in Germany and their masters – a had to close Fullscreen

In June 2017 Harald had been handed over to welfare after 39 years, the chef and a sceptre in the Traube Tonbach to his successor Torsten Michel. Was previously almost 10 years of sous Chef and was able to keep the level in the “schwarzwaldstube” in Baiersbronn (Baden-Württemberg) with three stars. Read more about the backgrounds here!

©René Riis, The creations are exceptionally

To eat there then, for example, a sturgeon with an algae chip and a pickled star fruit, which you can get from the tree matured from the tropical house next door. It’s the home of caviar, and a dollop of Crème fraîche. Or a pike-perch, which is coated with a Marinade, the recipe is a secret. There are fermented Bamberg-Savoy cabbage, roasted hazelnuts.

The courts seem avant-garde, Bätz’ creations are sometimes extraordinary. The Michelin guide writes that the “outstanding products of a talented chef and his Team, with a lot of Know-how and Inspiration with subtle, unusual and sometimes original creations meeting to be set in scene”. There are, by the way, the Franconian wines. And a cooking school there is also. Which was topped in 2011 by Gault Millau, one of the most important restaurant guides in addition to the Michelin Guide, to the best cooking school of the year.

Tricks from the professional kitchen

Alexander Herrmann reveals his secret: the perfect meatball

Tobias Bätz is a life-long dream come true. It was always his goal, to erkochen two stars. That he has achieved this, you can see him also. In an interview with the star, he radiates over both ears, he will lose no more Smile in the next time. And quickly, it turns out that the success of a team’s performance is due. Herrmann, as well as Bätz can’t stop talking about how great the cohesion is in the kitchen. “What sets us apart in Wirsberg, is an incredible morale and attitude of our employees. And this is a daily work. Over the last ten years, we have developed a System: We will be the stars kitchen, not screaming. We don’t want that, and we will Herrmann prove to everyone”. “Our success is based not only on a culinary level, but on a human.”

The impression that the TV cooks are just a Blender, was not confirmed in the case of Herrmann. The Michelin Guide says about his Restaurant that it was “worth a detour”.

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