Alfons Schuhbecks area: the size of the Gastro-Empire of star chef’s


The Munich state Prosecutor’s office determines because of the suspicion of tax evasion against the Munich Star chef Alfons Schuhbeck. On Tuesday the investigators had several business premises of the 70-Year-old searched. According to Schuhbecks only the Munich-catering establishments was not concerned with this at the Platzl in downtown Munich, the other companies of Schuhbeck, such as shops, Party Service, or the various Shoe Beck brands.

First, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported about the RAID. According to their information it should go to a total of up to almost one Million euros. Until Noon, the Restaurants South Tyrolean “Stuben”, schuhbecks Orlando, Orlando Bar and Lounge, Orlando sports bar, as well as the Fine Dining-closed Restaurant. All the shops are located at the Platzl, Alfons Schuhbecks area, and that’s not enough: On the spot an ice-cream parlour, a multi-storey spice shop, a tea and chocolate shop, and a cereal store, due to construction works currently closed and a cooking school. According to information from schuhbeck employer of 250 employees. His personal wealth is currently estimated to be around 15 million euros.

in Traunstein-born Bayer, and numerous cooking shows known. He is a regular in the ZDF-show “kitchen battle” to a guest. Since 1993, he is also in the BR programme “schuhbecks” to.

Shoe Beck had already opened up problems with the justice

New Restaurant only

25 years: Johann Lafer, his current castle

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

not leaving The judiciary is schuhbeck unknown. Already in 1994, he was convicted of embezzlement and tax evasion to one year on probation and a fine of 250,000 DM. A method for fraud was later set, Shoe Beck had been an investment adviser to the glue. But he is not the only star chef who has come to the attention of the judiciary. Also being a chef, a colleague of Johann Lafer confessed to 2015 tax evaded and to pay a few pence. He was sentenced to one year probation and a fine of 360 daily rates. The amount of money is not known.

The Platzl in Munich is perhaps Schuhbecks area, but its boundaries are significantly stretched further: The gastronomy in the Munich Prince Regent theatre, a catering company, “Schuhbecks Teatro”, and the tasting of the players of FC Bayern Munich at away games in the Champions League count for this. He also did advertising for McDonald’s with FCB President Uli Hoeneß. His Shoe Beck Holding GmbH & co. KG of more than twelve companies cavort. Further company operates Shoe Beck to the part with partners.

year balance sheets look suspicious +++ Ticker +++

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RAID at star chef Alfons Schuhbeck – business premises in Munich searches


Whether the allegations of the justice are valid, or not, only time will tell. In a Statement Shoe, Beck declared: “I will work very closely and very open together with the authorities to rebut all the allegations”. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” suggested that the Prosecutor could be noisy, because each company would have recorded in the various annual balance sheets for the part of high losses but also large gains.

Until 2014, Shoe Beck’s company was still in the Top 100 of the largest catering companies in Germany. Since 2015, he is no longer represented in the list.

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