Aloha from the bowl: These are the five dishes you should try


Poke has achieved in the last year of the large cities in Germany. The Hawaiian fish salad has become the Trend-court and hits the Zeitgeist: fresh, healthy ingredients – and all in a bowl. Exactly the right time for the Hawaiian cook book, published in the EMF-Verlag. About 90 traditional and modern recipes of the cuisine of Hawaii are.

It comes from Hawaii

What is Poke – and why you should try

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

In Hawaii, Poke has the Status of a national court. Originally from the Japanese kitchen the dish is fused with the cuisine of the West coast of the United States. Essentially, Poke consists of raw diced fish with Shoyu-soy sauce and sesame oil. Mostly will be used for tuna or salmon, Poke it but also with octopus and shrimp. In addition, the spring include onions, sesame seeds and Avocados and ginger to the court. Unlike the Peruvian Ceviche, the fish will not acidulated with lemon, the fish is actually raw. The Ceviche, the lemon denatures the proteins acid of fillet in Fish, thus the fish is cooked raw.

Food Trends to 2018

From this Hawaiian fish salad you will make this year

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

hear Who has no Poke-Shop in town, the can the Hawaiian Bowl by yourself. It takes only a fish dealer that offers good quality. Then, cut the fish into cubes and flavors the fish, as you like it: With soy sauce, with Mayonnaise, with chilli sauce, and add plenty of vegetables.

What are the dishes to be eaten in addition to Hawaii, and you should also try country time, you will learn in the following series of photos.

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