Alright-the pasta – the favorite dish of the Swabians


Three Bites she had eaten, since Madame let the fork sink, looked at the plate and said: “You can’t die.” What was the reason of the arguments for my immortality? Spaetzle had given it. Not any, but only self-made and then fried.

Although I long for it, but please a day even and to cook it fresh (it is – I bar for 26 years), but the production of fresh pasta I had been denied me so far. I’m then switch to it, but in terms of noodles, and now only do I owe to T., a well-known Swabian engineer, had already offered more often to teach me on the occasion of the Spaetzle. In the Winter, the opportunity came, T. visited me and brought as a gift a spaetzle Board office scraper.

Swabian classics

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What do you make Spaetzle

In the Luggage, he also had the spaetzle flour (his was the eagle mill in Bahlingen am Kaiserstuhl, see box on page 118; the dough, however, succeed well with flour of the Type 550). Of me, he demanded eggs, salt, a hand mixer with kneading hook, a slotted spoon, a punch (him sieve), and a larger Board for the Intermediate storage of the spaetzle.

T. took per Esser 100 g of flour and 1 Egg and as much cold water, which corresponds approximately to the Eimenge (here, a gram scale), I gave this in a mixing bowl and processed it with a hand mixer and dough hook, where he salted slightly.

The dough was elastic and had, in his opinion, the right consistency, as the hand mixer was a sweat, but still no thick cheeks. T. let the dough rest.

I was, meanwhile, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.

next, T. explained to me the spaetzle Board. It is similar in shape and length of a bar of chocolate, has a rear handle, and is ground on the front narrow side, a sharp – an important fact, how it should show.

T. wet according to the Board, and spooned a lot of dough on it – for example, of a hollow Hand. At this point, the Power of gluten, that gluten-protein was therefore, of the wheat very much (and by the it will be possible in the first place, airy to bake form-stable bread). Spaetzle is a dough with all the elasticity is surprisingly tough, even to the degree of intractability in a coherent, why cut it because the noodles diameter, it wurmelig.

With the knife, so – a kind of spatula – passed T. the pasty dough over the entire Board surface to hard on the sharpened edge, he was holding the Board diagonally and the edge almost into the boiling water and streifelte then in rapid repetitions of thin dough sticks on the Board edge, where it is ground as sharp – not able to stick to.

“alright, and now you,” said T., and pressed me with a Schwaben smile Board and knife in the Hand.

of Course, I did myself harder than I thought and initially produced more eraser-shaped chunk as a baby. But T. is not consoled me, it is anyway always different-shaped noodles to perfection.

But I also get more and more fine noodles, each a few inches long and about 2-3 mm thick.

Because they are individually scraped, and in the Brodelwasser immediately cooking, does not stick together with the noodles. The first quantity of Dough is striped all the way to the water, the spaetzle (they float to the surface) with the slotted spoon into the colander (punch), cold quenched, and then with the hands loose next to each other on a Board placed where they may dry a bit.

Meanwhile, the spaetzle Board is provided with a new charge of dough, and it will be more and more prepared spaetzle, until the dough is finally used up. At the end of the camp Board with a side by side placed in compromised layer of noodles is covered, which can also be cold, because you are already heated for later consumption.

We stew, the noodles to be a preserves of Wild, accompanied by a leaf salad. I praised my Mentor beyond measure and poured him best Württemberger Lemberger behind the binding.

Swabian cuisine

the perfect Allgäuer Kässpätzle

By Denise Snieguole Wachter succeed you The Best of two worlds

What he told me when to Go anempfahl, namely the spaetzle in Butter to roast, I follow all the time. I give 1 tablespoon of Butter with a little Oil in a nonstick pan, add the spaetzle – the soil 1-2 cm high covering and fry them until they begin to make a rapidly-leagues sound. It is namely so that it pivots the Spätzle again and again and also to throw something, to cook them evenly. In the beginning, they do the quiet, after about 10 minutes, but the spaetzle begin to form brown Spots and geräuscheln. I mixed with salt and pepper then give more fresh Butter and chopped parsley and fry them for 1-2 minutes.

you are then externally, in Parts of rösch and crispy on the inside but still noodle glubschig. The part crispness is a result of the Maillard reaction, as in the Steak – you can hear when Frying. It conveys the food through the tooth contact acoustically to the jaw bone and then into the inner ear, and declared there the glad tidings of the utmost Freshness.

So Bratspätzle offer the Best of two worlds, a little crust on the outside and Softness on the inside. The felt for Madame and wish me to be immortal. Now this is not quite the highest of emotions, but it comes pretty close.

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