Aperol Spritz – where it comes from and why Americans don’t like him


The Aperol Spritz is an integral part of the bar culture, and takes on the rank list of the best selling Cocktails in the world (drinks International 2019 – The World’s Best-Selling Classic Cocktails, 2019) space nine. His story is completely unpretentious: in 1919, is said to have been developed, the Aperol, the Italian brothers Silvio and Luigi the Barber, exclusively for the international fair of Padua. Since then, no longer has changed his recipe.


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bartender says: that’s Why a Aperol Spritz ten Euro

By Christoph Fröhlich

The Aperol, the group belongs to the Campari-is a distillate of rhubarb, Cinchona bark, Yellow gentian, bitter orange and aromatic herbs with orange-red colour and a bitter sweet flavour. To the classic Aperol Spritz, he is with Prosecco, Soda water and ice. Garnished the Drink with a slice of Orange. In Italy, the liqueur has an alcohol content of 11% Vol., in Germany, 15% Vol. To hang with the Deposit regulation. Spirits of 15% alcohol by volume in Germany, as a collateral-free spirits.

Aperol Spritz: a completely solid Drink

The Name kiwi derives from the French and is based on the word “Aperitif”. The liqueur is supposed to look appetizing, therefore, the Drink is also great before meals as a daily drink. The New York Times complained recently that the Aperol Spritz was not a good Drink. He was pretty to look at on Instagram, the color would remind you of the perfect sunset. But to the Americans he was too sweet, the Prosecco cheap and the ice would further dilute the flavor. In social networks there was a sudden Outcry. Indeed, the Aperol Spritz as it is drunk by many very fond of. He was completely suitable for solid and wonderful to the “Day Drinking”, the “New York Magazine” fast.

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The whole world is drinking Negroni – behind

By Christoph Fröhlich

And indeed, the Aperol Spritz is a completely down-to-earth Drink, not too complicated, not the best Cocktail, but a laid-back Aperitif. The term “injection” (also “Sprizz” or “Veneziano”) is probably due to the phonetic shortening of “Gespritzer”. So-called in Austria, drinks, wine and mineral water, so the wine spritzer. The Northern Italians have borrowed the term simply for your purposes.

Meanwhile, there are to buy the Drink as a Fertigmix in the can or from the bottle. The leaves actually taste. Perhaps the “New York Times, spoke” of this drink.

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In Germany, they drink Gin Basil Smash. Was invented, the aromatic Cocktail, by the way, in Hamburg, of bartender Jörg Meyer, owner of the Bar Le Lion. The lush Green of the Basil gives the Cocktail a wonderful color; and the Gin, with its intense juniper aroma and traces of lemon or cucumber blends well with the grassy Freshness of the Basil and the acidity of the lemon. He is and remains a Trend-Cocktail.


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