Are these the 10 best Restaurants of Germany and their masters – a had to close


the year’s stars were expected: Actually, the winner should be announced until early Tuesday evening in Berlin, but they flitted around in the early afternoon on the net. Now, the confirmation: 2019 ten Restaurants carry three stars. They are all old friends.

With a little delay – normally, the Michelin Guide released in November – will be presented this Tuesday, the winners and losers in Berlin. In the past year, 300 Restaurants were awarded, including eleven houses with three stars and 39 with two stars. A Restaurant with the highest award, the “La Vie” in Osnabrück, Germany, now had to close, however, because the Investor had turned on the money faucet. You can read more about this here. This year there are even more star restaurants: a Total of 309.

the Three-star Restaurants are so resistant, is good for the German gastronomy landscape. The real Surprise this year: The Michelin Guide puts on young concepts. The chefs bring a breath of fresh air in the restaurant scene, vegetarian and vegan cuisine can be top class. Also, the ambience plays an increasingly important role, they should be loose and relaxed.

more stars

more and more Restaurants in Germany can decorate with stars by the Guide Michelin. In the in Berlin on Tuesday presented the output of the Hotel and restaurant guide 309 Gourmet-Restaurants, nine more than in the previous year. The houses are booming with a star. In the case of the two higher categories, there is a Restaurant less. “Of the 309 star Restaurants 42 new,” said Pascal Couasnon, Director, Food and Travel at Michelin. “Many chefs grow their vegetables. In addition, local products play a big role.”

The Trends of recent years continue, according to Ralf nimble wing, chief of the Michelin Guide. In Berlin, for example, the “CODA, Dessert, Dining,” in which there is a kitchen on the Basis of the Patisserie can be found with a star. There you sit at the bar or at wooden tables. “This is completely relaxed.” In the “Serious” – also new with a star in Berlin is excellent – framed in the counter, the cooking area of the small Restaurants. “The restaurateurs have recognized, what you want to the guests, you want to eat good food in a relaxed atmosphere,” said nimble-wing. “This Elite was yesterday.”

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