Attacks on Hamburg’s star Restaurant: Expensive meals were ripped to rest from the cool


If a Restaurant in the violence differs: restaurateur Hauke Neubecker gives up after four acts of vandalism attacks in recent weeks, and announces, to want to be Hamburg’s star-Restaurant later this month. What happened?

The “Jellyfish” in Hamburg is one of 13 Michelin-starred Restaurants in the Hanseatic city. It is popular for its exceptional seafood creations, has been confirmed again this year with a Michelin star. But the recent incidents force the operator to close the Store. For him the Lust had passed, as he reports in several media. Ten employees, including the Michelin-starred chef Stefan Barnhusen, lose their jobs. The redundancies are already pronounced, such as Neubecker told the “Hamburger Abendblatt”.

Restaurant needs to close

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The Restaurant is located on the edge of the known Sternschanze. In the past few weeks, the jelly fish, was thrown to four times the victim of Vandalism: Windows were, the interior trashed. In mid-April, there were three attacks in a week: The perpetrators tried in vain, the door aufzuhebeln. They smashed a disc in the backyard, stole computers and cash. The Offenders? So far, the police groping in the dark. The damage was already caused. The restaurateurs had to let the damage repair and were no longer able to serve guests.

meals were from the cools

rest ripped “the profitability of The Jellyfish is given, after all these attacks,“ said Neubecker the “evening Gazette”. “What has hit us particularly hard, is the fact that expensive and in part, already pre-prepared dishes were taken out of the freezers. This is a immense damage.” It is not just the financial damage, but also the effort that goes into the products. “In every Sauce is very much craft in there, be prepared for hours of colleagues,” said Neubecker of “time”. The restaurateur can’t believe that someone wanted him to get rid of. Yet you do not know, whether the attacks are related or not.


chef Thomas Bühner, “La Vie”

He had one of the best Restaurants in the world to close – what has this to do with the stinginess of the Germans in order to

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Neubecker of the police was Disappointed. He had felt left alone, because the detectives “investigation purposes” couldn’t say anything. It is a poverty certificate for Hamburg, when the city of one of its star Restaurants can’t protect sufficient. The passion of the Restaurateur had expired on all the cases, as he told the “time”. “When I listen inside me, this fire, this brand, there.” Until the 17th century. May there are creative fish dishes in the “Jellyfish”. After the conclusion of the first.

sources: “Jellyfish”, “the evening sheet”, “time”

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