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When shopping, are the consumers in Germany in two ways smart spenders: you don’t want to shop only cheap, but also little time to waste. The findings of a current study by the market research company Nielsen.

special offers when shopping for almost two-thirds (65 percent) of the Federal citizens, reported market researchers. But hardly less significant is a quicker purchase for the consumer. After all, 59 percent of customers prefer to buy there, where you have your shopping list can quickly execute. Expert advice in the case of cheese, sausage and co. only every fourth consumer is important.

“shopping has to be practical” said Nielsen expert Frank Küver. The German citizens were becoming increasingly rare shopping, spend, however, more and more. In the past year, every German household was shopping according to the market researchers, on average, about 193 Times and was in the middle each Time around 20 euros. For comparison: in 2017, there were still 196 associated with expenditure of 19,40 Euro.

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Make a list

Who’s going on strategically and already at home, carefully writes down what he needs, buys, no useless stuff. Of course, you should also be meticulous about it.

The German prefers to buy only in a Shop, a

prefer to consumers do, according to Nielsen, all of the purchases on a slip. “You don’t want to go for shopping many different shops, but in addition to Butter, pasta and sausage at a point of purchase is also a wide selection of detergents, medicines and cosmetics,” said kluver. Of large supermarkets benefited currently with a correspondingly wide range.

But also drugstores may score points with consumers with its wide range of products, their prices, attractive own brands and on-trend products, reported market researchers. The number of discounters and small supermarkets, with less than 1000 square meters and, accordingly, a reasonable offer was, however, declining.

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By Denise Snieguole Wachter

the breakthrough trade with food must wait in Germany according to Nielsen, the online. But there are positive signs for the E-Commerce provider. On average, each German household in 2018 in the Online have spent trading around a price of 179 euros for the Goods of daily demand. The were 15 per cent more than in the previous year. The associated time savings and the wide variety of products on the Internet, like the German citizens on the Online purchase of Goods of daily demand, according to Nielsen,. Against the Online shopping is not languages in their eyes last the Extra cost of shipping and the lack of experience of the Product.

The study, “Nielsen Consumers to 2019” is based on data from the Nielsen Household panel, which covers around 20 000 German households, based on information from the Nielsen retail panel, and a number of Nielsen’s studies of the past few months.

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