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The consumer longs to get back to natural foods, which are substances in the ideal case, free of artificial additives. The food industry knows. Therefore, more and more products are advertised with a “clean”Label. That means that you are clean, because they are “no artificial flavors”, “without preservatives and dyes” or “without flavour enhancers”.

but The reality is different. The EU is becoming more and more additives. A few years ago, some 320 additives in Europe, were approved for food, today there are 400 substances. This is due to the fact that manufacturers want to offer their products around the world, and so recipes have to be adapted.

Just because a food “without…”, it does not mean that they are free of additives. The Annette Sabersky explains in her book “Better food without additives” (published in the Oekom-Verlag). What the food industry makes it so? Trick. Sabersky writes that instead of the simple substances are used, which have the same effect, but no additives in accordance with food law. The author explains that labels to be washed in this way, “pure”. For this, they called the three examples.


More tips for a natural and healthy diet you can find in “Better eating without additives” by Annette Sabersky. Appeared in the Oekom Verlag. 128 pages. 16 euros.

no artificial dyes means that instead of a food colour with the E number is a natural dye is used. The fruit yogurt is by Beetroot pink, vanilla yogurt, yellow by pumpkin extract. On the label the ingredient, such as Beetroot powder, but not the corresponding E-number.

Without flavor-enhancing ingredients means that, for example, instead of the infamous glutamate yeast extract is used. Also contains glutamic acid. Convenient for the manufacturer, the label remains free of additives.

Without preservatives usually means that other than the usual are included in a product. Carnosic acid is called Sabersky as an example. This is an extract of rosemary, the fat which protects foods from spoilage. “In order to circumvent the Declaration (E 392), is also used in the term ‘rosemary extract’.”

the Tricks of the food industry: consumers are being deceived: No additives? Of due! Fullscreen

This quick-cooking rice according to the Label no artificial preservatives, color – and flavorings. At first it sounds good.

© consumers believe in clean labels

Problematic can be the Trick for Allergy sufferers, if you respond to one of the hidden extras. A survey of the portal food clarity also shows that the clean data to work on the labels. A good 80 percent of 1021 respondents believe in the promise of “no dyes”.

Tricks of the food industry

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There are other ways of obfuscations, as the author writes. To dispense, for example, “additives so low and one other ingredient sub-quantities that it has no technological function in the final product.” Contains the sausage in the vegetables to the stew and the preservative nitrite must be listed on the ingredients list, because he has no influence on the final product.

It is true: Just because “Free from …” or “Without …” the fact is, can still be additives in there. Annette Sabersky says, however, that it is still possible to be “without” purchase. For this, you should resort to working in the ideal case, as many non-food products in the supermarket.

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