Bertolli is an Italian olive oil – how much Italy is in there?


You can’t be sure whether Francesco Bertolli turn over in his grave, or the business acumen of his descendants would celebrate. He was the store in 1865, a small grocery in the town of Lucca, in the heart of the Tuscan olive region, opened.

There he sold unpackaged Goods in sacks, barrels and boxes. It was the typical cereals, wine, cheese, olives and Oil. Ten years later, a growing number of Italians in the USA wandered. Once there, they found the usual food from home. They were the Bertolli asked to send crates of olive oil. Bertolli was one of the first exporters of olive oil. It’s a whole new market for him. And it was not only the US-market, he sent his food also to Canada and Australia.

Today, Bertolli exported its olive oil to more than 40 countries and is the market even a leader in some of them. Meanwhile, there are in addition to the Oil, pasta sauces, pasta and bread spreads in the range. But how much Italy is in there?

What is it, must not be

Shuffle in there Why Italian olive oil is usually a EU

By Denise Snieguole Wachter A piece of Bertolli for every

in order To anticipate a: The Olive oil is Spanish, even if there is something else on the bottle. Namely, it is suggested that Bertolli is 100 percent from Italy. The fact is, that Van has taken on the Bergh, a Unilever subsidiary in Italy as early as 1994, the operation and, in 2008, olive oil and vinegar business for 630 million euros to the Spanish company Grupo SOS (in 2011 renamed to deOleo).

Other Bertolli products, such as Margarine and pasta sauces were not affected by the Deal first. In 2012, it went on: Unilever, the frozen food division of Bertolli sold to the US group, ConAgra Foods, and in 2014 the North American Sauce and pasta activities for 2.15 billion dollars to the Japanese company Mizkan.

On demand of the star like a lot of Italy in the Bertolli products is actually, replies, Unilever evasive: The products are manufactured “in different locations” because of the “optimal utilization” of their works. Unilever can, however, give about the information on the packaging in addition to going, “no further information, for example, where individual products are manufactured or from which is the origin of certain raw materials are obtained”.

Bertolli has now become an umbrella brand for the various products – and as it seems also from different countries. Italian is still the Name and the history.

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