Between competition and proximity to the customer: As a small coffee roasting companies enter the market


Since five o’clock Philipp Reichel is this Morning on the legs, but the fatigue the 33-Year-old shows no. This may be due to his profession: in the Middle of the coffee 9, a Szenecafé in Berlin-Kreuzberg, operates the entrepreneurs own roastery. For several hours the heavy roasting drum, in which the white turns there under his supervision green coffee beans are dried and are heated. Up in the cherry cores contained sugar caramelizes and the beans are your typical brown colouring gives.

Reichel waiting for the so-called Crack, the Moment in which the bean breaks down and also the last share of the moisture out of your escapes. “Like Popcorn,” he says, and in fact, you can hear it Inside the machine after some time, softly cracking and popping.


Nespresso – the inexorable decline of the capsule-kings

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On a screen Reichel checks the temperature, to be regulated, if necessary. “So we make sure that every roast tastes at the end of the same.” More than 800 flavors were potentially bean in each coffee, he says. What we taste depends on how it is grown, stored, and roasted is.

To Reichel is this Morning a brisk business: Young parents, business people, Hipsters sit at the high wooden tables in the coffee 9, read the newspaper or work on their Laptops. The Café has directed Reichel once. In the meantime, he got out and is using the premises for the operation of its roaster. Together with only one employee in the month up to 1.5 tons of roasted beans to numerous capital, customer, and organised alongside training courses and Workshops around coffee.

small business how to Reichel, which operate with few employees, especially the local demand for high-quality coffee – the so-called specialty coffee, mixing is currently mainly in Metropolitan areas of the market. “The Segment is growing,” says Holger Preibisch, managing Director of the German coffee Association in Hamburg. “We see the number of small roasters nationwide, now at around 650.” Their numbers have doubled since 2010. In Hamburg and especially in the Rhineland a close-knit scene from the roasters, the cafe has emerged-operators and baristas, so the making parents.

Small coffee roasting company with local customers

put on high-quality cultivation, local processing, hand work and a passion for the product. That depends, especially in the hip big-city audience. “The small roasters for the total product of coffee is a dream,” says Preibisch, “because the consumer can be conveyed in a roasting much easier than on the supermarket shelf, what constitutes quality coffee.”

Bad for the heart?

New study: you can confidently determined in 25 cups of coffee a day drink

No drink, not even beer or bottled water, drinking, the consumers in Germany as much as coffee: About 164 liters of each of them consumed in the past year, on average, has Preibischs Association recently. In the case of beer, there were 102 litres – including the increasingly popular alcohol-free varieties.

And still many people associate with good coffee as the black, boiling hot and bitter pick-me-up. The small roaster want to change that. Coffee is at least as complex as wine. You speak of vintages, growing regions, tastings and flavors. And though, with a market share of only five percent, only a niche, drive the Large front of it.

“specialty coffees have a significant proportion of our product range,”

specialty coffee Tchibo, Jacobs, Dallmayr, or from the discounters Aldi, cherry, chocolate, or Caramel is added in small portions now in every supermarket shelf. “Specialty coffees, have a major share of our range and this has increased steadily in recent years”, tells about a spokesman for the coffee giant Tchibo. “These top-quality coffees are located in the upper price segment and will be offered for approximately ten euros per pound.”

Stiftung Warentest

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Jacobs surprised, in turn, advertises its “Barista-editions” and makes the terms of the local scene as his own. Small roasters like Reichel are watching this development with mixed feelings. “On the one hand, they are our biggest competitors,” he says. “On the other hand, create Dallmayr and co., in a couple of days more and more people with the issue to achieve as we are in a year.”

the Great stress not only quality, but also sustainability – a topic in which the small roasters often have pent-up demand. “The supply chains for coffee are extremely complex,” says Claudia Brück, managing Director of the Association Transfair, which awards the well-known Fairtrade label. “For small roasting companies, it is very difficult to keep this completely under control.” To minimize the risk, bought her well-known roaster specifically in Fairtrade Cooperatives. Others obtained their supplies of green coffee in plantations, their management is considered sustainable. And there is such, “on the wave, in which you can not look and not know exactly where the coffee comes”.

coffee machines: How to cook your coffee? Try these 12 variants Fullscreen

Boring: filter coffee machine

“Time for a Cup of coffee to” cook, so something was there before the invention of the filter coffee machine, actually. As in the late fifties to the machine, then the vacuum-Packed ground coffee came in the super markets could not be stopped, the automation of the coffee cooking. The filter coffee machine mimics the surge of ways to Brew the Kaffeemehls with the Hand. The water enters a water heater and is heated to 92 to 94 degrees Celsius. By the pressure of the vapor bubbles, the hot water shoots in a riser pipe that ends above the filter bag. Therefore, the Bubbling and hissing at the Scalding.

the duration of The brewing process for some of the machines regulate. Each manufacturer maintains its own imaginative name: aroma switch, Hot brewing system, Flavoring System and some more. As well as hot, you can regulate the contact time between water and coffee flour. A sogenannter aroma switch with the settings “Weak”, “Strong” and “Strong” regulates the flow time of the water. The longer the water is able to dissolve the aromatic substances from the coffee powder out, the stronger the coffee is. The coffee flows in a bottom-heated glass jug, is ruined, the delicate Aroma after no more than ten minutes. The coffee is bitter. Systems with thermal pots keep the coffee without the need for additional energy to warm, but also the Aroma very much longer.


in Most cases, mild coffee with a fine acidity.

suitable For:

All, the need to have multiple cups at one time and want to prepare without a large expenditure of time. Especially for the cleaning of the machine.

What is coffee

100% Arabica suitable varieties. The filter paper and the filter angle are matched to this fine coffee places.

©M_a_y_a Between quality and sustainability

Jonas Lorenz from the Forum of Fair trading warns against generalizations. “There are those who put a lot of emphasis on sustainability and a major effort to hedge. And there is the alone factor of quality in the foreground.”

Reichel refers to his coffee, both of great growers from Brazil, but also of small-scale farmers from Guatemala or Ethiopia. He wants to connect with his operation of the Initiative Transparent Trade Coffee. This is an Association of small coffee roasters around the world, which place their supply chains and costs to make transparent, which money ends up at the end of where. Clubs such as the Forum of Fair trade in welcome such initiatives. Reichel sees the responsibility but also the consumers. “The more people ask your roaster, where the coffee comes, the more the subject moves the focus.”

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