Bubble instead of hauling water bubbler, such as Sodastream any good?


A short pressure, it hisses and seethes, and finished the sparkling water. Soda are popular because they save you the painstaking effort of Lugging and produce (almost) no waste. But what the devices are good actually? Stiftung Warentest has seen seven water bubbler in more detail. The result is sobering. Only three of the seven models actually create fizzy water. Three models bubble up to a maximum of medium, even one just gently.

Stiftung Warentest

Large laboratory test: How good is our tap water

By Daniel Bakir

All work in a similar way: For the sparkling water you need to fill tap water into the bottle, you insert the device and a button or lever press. The bubbler is pressed then the carbon dioxide in the bottle that is there to form carbonic acid.

you Can save water sprudlern money?

if you think that you save with a water bubbler money, you are wrong. Of course, one avoids the paths, you have to transport crates and hauling, and the cost is low. Pro gas cylinder for the Soda Trend Style gushes about 46 liters of fizzy water. This eliminates the need to Drag a good 30 mineral water bottles of 1.5 liters. But in terms of the price itself gesprudelte water is approximately in the range of cheap good mineral water with carbonic acid. Significantly, the price of the acquisition of the devices and the fillings of the cylinders is influenced. The market leader Sodastream, a filling costs 8,45 Euro, the competitors soda trend 6,95 Euro. Both cylinders are identical in construction, they fit for all devices.

Only every Second is good

mineral water in the case of Stiftung Warentest: Which are good and which are loaded with more germs

almost no minerals, but lots of germs: The quality of still mineral water can be left according to the Stiftung Warentest to your choice. Not even the half is good, two Bio-waters fell through completely.

By Daniel Bakir

In the Test, the fuel prepared by the General water of the Soda Trend Style. He price is 80 Euro performance winner: he is a fountain of the best and is the cheapest. The famous Sodastream – classic – cuts with the overall verdict “Good”. Although it is the cheapest model in the Test, bubbling but only medium is water. The Sodastream version with glass bottle cuts only “Satisfactory”. The testers complain about the poor cleaning of the glass container and the height of the device. Opened it measures 55 inches, the highest in the Test unit.

The water bubbler “My Sodapop” cuts in at the worst. He’ll make the least splashy water, so the examiners. In addition, the Tester found in the besprudelten water softeners Diethylheylphthalat in noticeable quantity, but still within the limit value.

The whole Test can be found here for a fee!

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