By using these 8 Tricks, you will recognize a good Italian restaurant


food is in Italy culture, it is celebrated as a Ritual. Never, it is only incidental, never paddles are mass of noodles into the belly, to just fill. Never! For this reason, an Italian cena (dinner) consists of sequences from a series of Menu: start with an antipasto (the Appetizer) makes, followed by the primo piatto, usually a pasta or rice dish, secondo piatto – meat or fish with vegetables or salad, the completion of a sweet dolce, as the name suggests, a caffè, an Italian Espresso crowns.

In Italy it is not difficult to make a good Trattoria or a great Restaurant find. You just have to follow the Italians, the storms, the Local counter 20 or 21 at. But how is this actually in Germany? We will give you eight Tricks, how can you tell if the Italian is worth a visit, or whether you should return prefer to the back. Some of the Tricks and rules are, of course, meant with a wink. Keep in mind, though the expression: “Non si fa!” You don’t do that! Of the is very popular in Italy.

The Tricks in the Overview In the simplicity is the spice

Trick 1: you can Order simple dishes: Pasta with tomato sauce, Carbonara or Aglio e olio.


Trick 2: Mozzarella cheese is never served with balsamic vinegar and pepper. Never! Olive oil and salt are the main ingredients.


Trick 3: vegetable Antipasti does not taste sour, but offers the natural taste of the vegetables.

fish and Parmesan cheese

Trick 4: Pasta with fish AND Parmesan – it’s not! The Parmesan has to look at the fish, nothing.


Trick 5: Scaloppine are thin and made of calf meat. And no scrappy pork.


Trick 6: runs the lining When the Pizza down, it is not simply good. The floor must be crispy and knuprig and not too thick. And drink to Pizza beer – never wine.

house wine

Trick 7: the house wine has to taste and is not expensive. Point.


Trick 8: Cappuccino is a Breakfast, not a Digestif.

Trick 1: Order simple dishes

Actually, the Tricks are quite simple, because they are literally in the simplicity. You can order Pasta with tomato sauce or Pasta aglio e olio. Both are very simple dishes, its Success depend on the best ingredients. If the cook has dropped in these courts, then you need to eat nothing else – the Restaurant is in its quality and also authenticity, due to like. The stamp of “Italian Restaurant”, it should not, therefore, carry a also. If the cooking cream mixed in the tomato sauce, you run away as fast as you can. It is the same with the Pasta Carbonara. Cream does not belong in a Carbonara. But: eggs, Parmesan, Guanciale (bacon from pig’s cheek or neck), Pecorino cheese and black pepper.

pine nuts or Anchovy Fillets have lost in the Pasta aglio e olio is nothing – the spoils-namely, the taste. What really comes in? Aglio e olio means garlic and Oil. Therefore are also the main ingredients of this simple dish. Also very popular is the combination with Peperoncino (dried chili peppers), smooth parsley or freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Very simple, very fast and incredibly tasty.

Trick 2: the thing with The Mozzarella

Mozzarella can be served as a salad – the insalata caprese is an Italian appetizer salad which consists of Mozzarella, tomatoes and Basil. Because of its colors – Red, White, and Green, which correspond to the flag of Italy – he is regarded as a national dish. Often the Service extends to the salad vinegar, preferably balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Fatal! After all, who presents a Buffalo Mozzarella or Burrata with balsamic and pepper, spoils the taste of fine cheese. The insalata caprese is not much heard of, actually – except olive oil and salt.

Trick 3: Antipasti are not sour

Who doesn’t love Appetizers? Antipasto is the Italian expression ‘before the meal’ and referred to the Appetizer in Italian cuisine. The kick-off of small dishes like air-dried cold cuts of ham and Salami, Italian cheese specialities, such as Parmesan or Pecorino. But also pickled vegetables in a touch of vinegar and a good Dose of olive oil. Eggplant, Zucchini, mushrooms, peppers are often found as a Display in the display case in Italian Restaurants. This is not a bad thing, only that in Germany often the vinegar seems to slip out of your Hand. How else can it be explained that the Appetizers taste is often much to be angry – an absolute No-Go. Good Italian can be recognized, that the vegetable develops its wonderful flavour, and tastes neither sweet, nor too sour.

Trick 4: fish and Parmesan. Non si fa!

Each real Italienier would immediately flee from the Restaurant, I would serve the waiter him a pasta dish with fish, and tons of Parmigiano (Parmesan cheese) on spoons. “Non si fa”, would roar the Romans. You don’t do that! Fish and cheese is a Italian taboo, it must not be spoken of in the first place.

Trick 5: Scaloppine are thin and made of veal

the Scaloppine, the Italian chips are, in a sense. They are in no way comparable to a hearty Wiener Schnitzel made from pork. Scaloppine are the elegant and delicate Relatives of our chips. Because they are made of veal, never pork – and they are quite flat, thin and small. If someone tells you otherwise, run away…


Yes! Just as she is right – the real Italian Pizza

©Denise Wachter

Trick 6: Pizza

there are on every street corner: in fast food shops, in pseudo-Italian Restaurants, even at the bakery. But we must never forget that we are in Italy. Because the bakers are not with the Italian comparable, not even the Fast Food shops. Good Pizza in us, but not very often. However, you can with this reason, every good Pizza rules differ from a bad: a Pizza, no pineapple belongs. Also no lamb. No peas and no Corn. The floor is a issue. But actually, a look at the Pizza enough to know whether it is taste or not. If the flooring floats on it: “No!”. If the soil is too thick: “No!”. If he is not crispy and crunchy No is:”!”. Good Pizza can be so easy. And trinken, you never wine to the Pizza. To Pizza beer and, optionally, water, but no wine.

Buon appetito!: What you should do in Italy eat – away from the Pizza and Pasta Fullscreen


Cannolo is a filled pastry that originated from Sicily. Usually it consists of a fried pastry roll with a sweet creamy filling made of Ricotta. Flavoured with either vanilla, cocoa, chocolate pieces or candied fruit.


Trick 7: the house wine has to taste and is not expensive

no Matter say what you other people – any good Italian restaurant offers really cheap and good house wine. Clearly, this will not be the top wine that you can imagine now, maybe. But the Italians drink wine not because of the wine itself, but actually to eat. And there’s an open house wine is usually the best. The is very drinkable, tasty and does not overpower the fine taste of the food. If there is not, no longer go there.

Trick 8: The Germans and their Cappuccino

Actually, you should let everyone drink what he likes. But in Italy there are a couple of culinary rules that may not always be justified rationally. Nevertheless, Non si fa!

Therefore, as a rule of thumb number 1: A Cappuccino is a Breakfast. The Italian Breakfast is not so extensively as we do German, no, not at all. They meet in a “Bar” (the bar), your confidence, and order a Cappuccino. Either that’s enough or there is a Cornetto (an early piece of croissant), and is lovingly dunked in the Caffè (Italian Espresso) or just in the Cappuccino follows. You can order in Germany a Cappuccino after dinner is served, the waiter him, of course. But in fact: Non si fa! After the meal, an Espresso drink, so a coffee, not a Breakfast – in Italy they would be exposed immediately as a Tourist or fly away in a high arc out of the Restaurant. Of course this is a joke. Still, Offers the waiter a Cappuccino after your dinner, you can return to this Restaurant confidently to the back – he’s not a real Italian.

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