Cheap oatmeal, overpriced Porridge? So Edeka explains the price difference


Trouble for Edeka: food store sells oatmeal and Porridge for very different prices – this is according to the ingredients the same product. The consumer advocates of food watch confronted Edeka on your Social Media channels with the pricing. There is a dispute about it flared up quickly, whether it could perhaps be a “Hipster-serve”. Because in two bags of oatmeal were now in. But the chic, big-city buyers would probably prefer to the overpriced and “gedenglischten lifestyle product,” wrote several Users.

in fact, Edeka sold its oatmeal the brand name of “Good & Cheap” for 0,49 Euro per 500-gram bag. The “oat meal” Porridge classical music, also of “Good & Cheap”, it costs, it accounted for just a Euro, however, at just 350-grams of content. Even if in two bags Hader flakes stuck, describes Edeka the content varies: for example, the cheap oats are “extra tender flakes, chopped, and rolled Oats”, the Porridge was flakes “made from 100% Oat wholemeal, without sugar added”.

Via Twitter Foodwatch wrote: “What’s going on, #Edeka? Once your #is sold oats as “oatmeal” for 0,49 € (500g), other Times as a “Porridge” for 0,99€ (350g). The flakes are the same: fine cut with the exact same nutritional values! It’s due to the larger plastic packaging?”

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The Edeka says to the oatmeal-accusations

Now reported to Edeka to word. A spokesman for the company said the “image” that the ingredients were the same, but there are differences in the preparation. “For the article in ‘Good & Cheap Porridge nature’ to be used special Schälgrade, which makes the manufacturing process much more complicated. As a result, these flakes are particularly capable of swelling, so that the consumer can eat already after five minutes (as specified on the packaging). In contrast, the classic oatmeal need to be cooked slowly to achieve the desired consistency”, the Edeka spokesman to the newspaper. “The price of a product depends not only on the raw materials, but also from the effort involved in its processing.”

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