Court rules alcohol: hangover is a disease


If the head and stomach rebelled, this is often due to a big night out. One is hungover. But it is also sick? It just the higher regional court of Frankfurt has decided. The answer is clear.

A food Supplement should not be used as a treatment agent or prevention of a alcohol hangover advertised. The decision of the higher regional court of Frankfurt (OLG) on Monday published a judgment (Az. 6 U 114/18). In the case of a “hangover” if it were a disease, the court found. “Information about a food must this attribute the property of preventing, treating or curing a human disease, or the impression of this property, give rise to,” emphasized the court, under reference to the requirements of the food information regulation (LMIV). The judgment is not appealable.

Before the court, a Association had complained against the advertising claims of the operator of an “Anti-Hangover Drinks”. After the district court upheld Frankfurt to the lawsuit, confirmed the court of appeal this decision in the appeal. “Under disease, each, so even a minor or temporary disturbance of the normal condition or the normal activity of the body is to understand,” reasoned the court, the assessment of a hangover as an illness. to know


food cure is really a hangover?

The advice is plentiful: eggs, bacon, Sandwiches with cheese or a lot of carbs in the Form of noodles. In a trice the hangover should be gone. But is this true?

By Denise Snieguole Wachter hangover symptoms are not described, of course,

In the now prohibited advertising the hangover with symptoms such as fatigue, Nausea and headache will. Symptoms such as these are outside the natural range of fluctuation of the human body. “Do not occur as a result of the natural “and” of the body, but as a result of the consumption of alcohol, a harmful substance,” said the OLG. It was not relevant that the symptoms disappear regularly by itself and no medical treatment was needed.

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