Curious display: Cologne gives away 15 tons of garlic


Actually, garlic is to sell the business of Adurrahman satellite of Cologne, earned his money as a grocer. For that reason alone, it is surprising that he is giving away an offer in the “To”section of the Online portal, Ebay classifieds sets. Still curious, the amount he offers is: 15 tons of garlic he has to deliver for free.

“Give 15 pallets per 1 ton of garlic,” it says in its display. Are to pick up the toes in the Cologne district of Chorweiler. “Actually, I wanted to sell the garlic, but it is sprouted,” said Sat the “Kölner stadtanzeiger”. Now he wants to get rid of the goods as quickly as possible – even if only in smaller quantities.

Fullscreen ©Ebay classifieds 15 tons of unrefrigerated garlic in Cologne to make

merchants from Iran and the Cologne would want to lose weight the product originally, he told the “city Gazette”. Satellite itself has a food wholesale in Hanover. That he now sits on 15 tonnes, at least for him, useless garlic, is located in the wrong storage. Due to a technical error, the plants were kept in an uncooled between the bearings. In the worst case a satellite is lost 40,000 euros, if the damage is not reimbursed at least partially.

What is the for the traders is a big Nuisance, in the amusement. Immediately, the offer showed up on various Bargain sites. The savings recommended foxes already, the sprouted garlic to plant, and then in the future, flawless and harvesting the crops. Also on Twitter, the users have fun.

at Least in the gastronomy of the garlic can’t be more use, as it is for the private use, each must decide for themselves. As animal feed, but you could, for example, still use, says a satellite. Five tons of he had already got rid of – are only ten.

sources: Ebay-classifieds / “Kölner stadtanzeiger”


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