Customers outraged: Pizza chain exchanged secretly main ingredient with a vegan meat replacement


“you Belong to the 3000 people who were placed with our burgers-Pizza in?”, with this issue, the new Zealand Pizza chain “Hell Pizza clarifies” an Experiment that they dared with their customers. In June, the fast food company launched a new Pizza – Burger Pizza. It? Cheese, onion, pickles and Burger meat-pieces. Instead of meat, the Pizza is covered but with the hyped meat “Beyond Meat”.

The American company “Beyond Meat” is written on the Flag to produce the best meat substitute products on the market, exclusively plant-based. The most famous product of the “Beyond burgers” that. The meatball is not only authentic to the flame sizzle, but is bleeding at the Bite, too.

Were you one of the 3,000 people who’ve been completely fooled by our Burger Pizza? Featuring a delicious Beyond Meat…

Posted by Hell Pizza on Wednesday, 26. June 2019

In a Statement, the Pizza company tells that you are worried about the future and the plant wanted to present based Alternative in an unexpected way. Many customers applaud the company, others are outraged.

“tried This week and tested. Sooo good!!!”, a positive comment is. Another user writes: “Good Bright made Pizza, for being environmentally conscious are and trying to educate people.”

does it have to be meat?

Other voices are less thrilled: “It is disgusting that you think about the ingredients in your food lies. […] How can you treat your customers with contempt?” Many customers were outraged that they should draw attention to allergens that could be included in the plant castle Patty.

Meat biscuit

Lidl brings the hyped “Beyond Meat Burger” to the range – to him the Stars of Hollywood

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

swear “I was a customer, but will go there from somewhere else now. Our new Zealand grass-fed beef is sustainable. How much energy has it used, the plants in the US to grow … and to fly to new Zealand, to fool our Public,” writes a User.

What is it with the idea, explains the managing Director of “Hell Pizza”, the “BBC”: “Many people are immediately put off by the idea of the wrong meat. That is why we have made the decision to reveal it … because we were sure that the Patties would taste.” The action should also initiate a discussion about meat consumption and the possibility of Alternatives.

The Burger Pizza is meanwhile sold out. Because the Patties, Beyond Meat, but so cost-intensive, does not want to take the Pizza regularly to the range, except the demand for it increases.

sources: “Hell Pizza”, “BBC”, “Stuff”


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