Dairy farm in Bavaria: animal rights activists reveal how brutal the cows are tormented


cows vegetate with open bone breaks down, they lie in their own feces. On the dairy Endres operating in Bad Grönenbach in the Allgäu, the staff adds to the cows again and again pain. The cows are kicked and beaten. Again and again the cows are across the hall dragged. Alive, of course. Animal rights activists are horrified: Those dimensions you didn’t know yet. It was a systematic cruelty to animals.

The animal rights group Soko tierschutz has passed to the ARD political magazine Report Mainz the video recordings. Together with the “süddeutsche Zeitung” and “fact” was revealed, the scandal around the dairy farm. “The Material shows how a mixture of corruption, ignorance and absolute law leads to lack of to the worst cruelty for the product that is milk,” says a spokesman for the Soko animal welfare.

The special feature of the pictures? Through daily actions of cows can be miss understood. For example, in the case of the cow with the ear tag 38540. Men try to ship by force in a van, a puncture with an object on it. It is then a week in the “Sick section” of the House to Die.

operation rejects opinion

slaughterhouse in lower Saxony, Germany

the Suffering of the cows, the secret recordings reveal blatant animal welfare violations

in Addition, would die shots of the cows for hours on injuries to the head of the Bolt, rather than by Exsanguination after stunning. The family-run business with a total of 1800 dairy cows to violate the animal rights club that already for years against animal protection regulations. An opinion on the allegations of the operation refused at first. In front of the camera, the people in charge do not want to Express.

The public Prosecutor’s office in Memmingen, confirmed on Tuesday the opening of an investigation. It checks the authenticity of images of an animal rights Association. The district office in the lower allgäu region, said that the dairy farm, Endres had been controlled in the past few years on a regular basis. The animal protection law violations had been “in the low – to-moderate range” was determined. The shortcomings had been eliminated from the operation, that’s why there have been no fines or criminal charges.

business partners to terminate the cooperation

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politicians are horrified to cruelty on the animal. The SPD parliamentary group calls for an immediate clarification from the Bavarian consumer protection Minister Thorsten Glauber. The images were disturbing and would be damaging to the entire profession of farmers. For Paul Knoblach, spokesman for the state Green, had the scandals in Bavarian food or farming, so it is to be expected as “the next summer storm”. The state inspection authority was, in his opinion, not a learning System, but stumble from scandal to scandal. Christoph Skutella, spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group in the Bavarian Parliament, stressed that animal cruelty is shows is a slap in the face to all the farmers that keep their animals correctly: “How we treat animals, what kind of people we are.” The Bavarian Bundestag Deputy, Susanne Ferschl of the Left calls, you should confirm the suspicion that the farmer is held responsible and sustainable livestock ban to be declared.

Meanwhile, have also responded first business partner in the dairy operation. The Kempten-based company Käserei Champignon has terminated the cooperation with the allgäu milk suppliers. In a statement, the company States: “As previously announced, we have examined the case intensively. The delivered milk of the dairy court was and is of impeccable quality, however, the Champignon cheese dairy, for ethical and moral reasons to adopt, from now on, no more milk from this farm and process it.”

the rest of The post you can see here in the ARD-Mediathek.

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