Dinner for One: more and more people go alone to a Restaurant – these are the reasons


In the 1950s, it would have been inconceivable: A woman who goes alone to the Restaurant. “As you’ve said, this is probably a prostitute,” explains Hans-Peter Erb, the then Situation. Erb is a social psychologist and Professor at the Hamburg Helmut Schmidt University of the armed forces. Today it is so: “When I go out alone as a woman, I risk that I call certain intentions out.”

in fact, more men in Germany than women eating alone, with the many different reasons can have. In a representative survey by the opinion research Institute YouGov on behalf of the Online reservation portal OpenTable 72 percent of the men surveyed reported regularly or at least rarely alone a restaurant to visit. In the case of women, it was only 57 percent.

More men than women solo eating


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Tend to be Solo restaurant, visitors are also likely to be older. 45 percent of all respondents stated that they rarely go alone to eat, almost every Fifth does so regularly. A third of respondents have never been alone in the Restaurant.

for the most part, as a further result of the survey, go Alone-visitors in their leisure time to the Restaurant (56 percent) or in your lunch break (49 percent).

There are many reasons to imagine why people go in their leisure time, alone in the Restaurant. For example, in order to be with people. Or to have exactly the opposite reason: for two hours of peace and quiet. Or because you are simply too lazy to cook.

Scientific studies on the “Solo Dining” ‘t admit it, but the results of the survey, with Trends such as separation and individualisation in harmony, says Erb. “There are ever more Single-person households and also a big Problem with loneliness, what the people very heavily loaded.”

Solo Dining is rising

The Online reservation portal OpenTable has risen, according to the company, the reservations for a Person from 2014 to 2018, a whopping 321 percent. For a lot of Solo Dining, however, is still a hurdle.

On travel portals from all over the world a lot of evidence for the so-called Solo Dining to be found. “Visit Melbourne”, for example, recommends Restaurants in the Australian city, the Solo eaters at the Bar to offer. The world-famous Sydney Opera house offers a guide for a Solo visit.

The Irish tourism Organisation, Tourism Ireland advises in the event that it bursts on in a Pub: “Come in just to welcome you, the people behind the Bar and a casual conversation can lead to amazing stories.”

That means for many people still to Overcome, a restaurant without an escort to visit, shows the existence of a word for the fear and panic: Solomangarephobia. The notion of wandering through the Internet. The travel website TripAdvisor describes the feelings of some single-Esser like this: “you have nowhere to look without seeming rude, and at the same time that they are being watched by others, and these form a judgement about you, because you have to eat alone.”

revival of the master table


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While the tourism organization makes deals for Solo Dining, wants to help the other, to avoid these lonely moments. The Spa and commercial club Bad Füssing in Bavaria has developed the project “together “eat” you lucky!”. Changing Restaurants offer once a week an evening for those “who yearn for more socializing and merriment in the taverns”.

Now, the “very successful action is to be extended” to the whole of Bavaria, says Matthias Artmeier, Director of the Department of gastronomy at the Dehoga Bavaria. He also speaks of an increasing loneliness, of wool, you will encounter “so people will come among the people”. What to have in mind the Dehoga, the “revival of the old regulars ‘table”, a sort of “Stammtisch 4.0”.

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