Discounters packaging food in too much plastic consumers pay for loose goods


More than 600 kilograms of household and packaging waste produced every inhabitant in the Federal Republic of Germany in the year. This is evident from the data of the European statistics authority Eurostat. Especially the plastic flood in the case of fruit and vegetables annoys many consumers. The want actually, according to polls, less plastic in the everyday life, but the trade is very idle. The has considered the consumer advice center of Hamburg with the Association in more detail.

organic in the supermarket

Therefore, your organic cucumber wrapped in plastic

In 42 branches of the eight major food retailer in Germany, they tested the packaging location of conventional fruit and vegetables. The conclusion: It is a tragedy. To almost two-thirds of tomatoes, carrots, peppers, cucumber and Apples are always Packed to almost two-thirds in plastic. Overall, has considered the consumer 1.394 products.

The trade should be more exposed fruits and vegetables not to offer

“It is not enough, consumers multipath networks, if you find then mostly pre-packaged products on the shelves. The trade is in the obligation, to increase the range of unwrapped fruit and vegetables. Some stores are already showing that. Especially discounters have to do your homework,” says Klaus Müller, Executive Director of the consumer Federation.

The plastic ratio is sometimes huge. In the case of Penny, the plastic tide is greatest. All 81 percent of the fruits and vegetables are Packed in plastic. In a Penny-branch 23 of the 27 verified fruit and vegetable offers Packed. The then 85 per cent. At Aldi, there are 74 percent, in net, Lidl and Kaufland over 60 percent. Rewe and Real are chipping away at the 60-percent mark, and in the case of Edeka are Packed less than half of the products are still in plastic. Especially tomatoes are usually Packed in plastic, found the consumer.

Packaged fruit and vegetables are often cheaper

longing for honest products

in The Mainstream is dead – like the taste of Millennials, the food industry

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

If the smashes had complaints of the consumers that unpackaged fruit and vegetables were often more expensive than the packaged counterpart. What’s behind it? The consumer has checked the presumption of the consumer and must confirm actually. In comparison, more than half of the packaged products was more favourable than the unpackaged. “Dealers demand more money for unpacked fruit and vegetables, without this is of a better quality, do neither consumers nor the environment a Favor. Who wants to shop environmental friendly, should not be asked for in addition to the Fund,” says Michael Knobloch, member of the Board of the consumer centre of Hamburg.

The consumer calls, therefore, that the trade needs to expand its range of unwrapped fruit and vegetables, without asking the consumer to pay up.

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