Dumplings from Latin America: So, you bake hearty Empanadas


Empanadas were originally from Galicia, the North-West of Spain. There, you will be filled largely with seafood, in other countries, not only the ingredients but also the appearance may vary: In Latin America, the half-moon shaped and are eaten dumplings, for example, preferably with beef or chicken, ham and cheese or vegetables. And also in Germany, the Original recipe from Argentina enjoys a great popularity – mainly due to a main ingredient of meat is due to:. What else do you need for the sought-after party snack, this tasty Empanadas spells, you can learn here.

these are the ingredients for the Teig250 grams Maismehl250 grams Weizenmehl150 milliliters of Wasser100 grams Margarine20 milliliters of Olivenöl20 milliliters of Milchein tablespoons Salzein half tablespoons of sugar, two EierDas are the ingredients for the Füllung250 grams Rinderhackfleisch30 to 40 Rosinen20 to 30 Oliven20 milliliters of olive oil, three hard-boiled eggs, five tomatoes, an onion, a red pepper, a chilli pepper salt and pepper cumin paprikapul Verso are the dumplings cooked properly Fullscreen

Before baking the dumplings get their typical shape


step 1: you weigh the flours, and pour both together in a bowl. Make a well in the centre into which you add the remaining ingredients (except the water and Egg) for the dough. Then mix all the ingredients with the hands and give a little water, until you get a flexible dough that does not stick on your fingers. Before you process this further, he should rest for a few hours in a cool place.

step 2: Cut the onion, the peppers and the chili pepper into fine cubes and fry them together with the minced meat and the Oil in a nonstick frying pan sharp. Taste the mass well with the spices (salt, pepper, cumin, paprika) to your own taste. Then you cut the tomatoes and stir them under the meat so the filling remains juicy and does not dry out. Let the filling cool slightly, in the meantime, you can have the olives (whether black or green your choice), raisins, and eggs in small pieces and afterwards the cooled minced meat and mix well.

step 3: Now is the dough to the series. Roll out on a floured work surface flat and cut out a circle-shaped surfaces – these Ramekins can help. The diameter is normally ten to 15 inches, you can vary the sizes, but also quite on a whim. Subsequently, the dough circles will be given either in a suitable pastry bag maker and half-filled, before the Empanadas get their typical Form. Alternatively, you can fold the dough by Hand, and the edge with a fork to compress, so that a fine pattern is formed, or the edge of the fine screw (as seen in the photo). So that the edges stick together better, you can submit this in Advance with some protein in the best. Finally, the dumplings are coated with egg yolk so that you get when you bake a nice color.

step 4: Now you can place the finished dumplings on a baking paper covered baking sheet, and this at 200 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes to bake in the oven. Depending on how thick your dough is, you can vary the baking time – for this reason, you should observe the Empanadas from the oven when they are baked Golden brown. Let the bags then a bit of cool down before you enjoy these still warm. A tomato salsa fits best.

tomato salsa is the perfect Dip for Empanadas Fullscreen

A fruity tomato salsa is the perfect Dip for Empanadas with minced meat.

©YelenaYemchuk First put the tomatoes in a large bowl and pour boiling water over it. Pour off the water, as soon as the shell of the tomato bursts – and pull the skin off the tomatoes. Cut the flesh of the fruit and then into small cubes and remove the seeds and Stalks.Peel the garlic and the onions, remove the pod, the seeds from the chili and chop all the three ingredients into fine pieces. You mix this with the tomatoes and taste the Salsa with salt and pepper, a little lime juice and the olive oil.Chop half a bunch of parsley very finely, stir into the tomatoes and make the Salsa and then for a minimum of two hours rest in the fridge so the Marinade can soak in. Before you serve the Dip at the end, chop the rest of the parsley roughly and sprinkle it over the Salsa.

We wish you a good appetite!

one final tip : And if you now have to get in the mood for Empanadas, you’ll find in this book food blogger Nileen Marie scarf roof-like many other recipes for the heart and also sweet dumplings from Latin America – including numerous Dipvorschläge. How would it be, for example, with a Chili-Cheese-, spinach-Feta or Chicken-Fajita-filling? Alternatively, you can Nougat on sweet Empanadas with cherry or Apple filling a try.

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