Dumplings-recipe: So delicious to taste the dumplings from the steamer


On the menu of a Chinese restaurant, you are listed often under the name of Dim Sum: This is a generic term for small dishes that are steamed or deep-fried. The word Dumpling is translated simply pastry bag and these can be filled not only different, but also are formed. In the following recipe we explain you step by step how to make with just a few ingredients steamed Jiaozi Dumplings with a minced meat-shrimp-stuffing yourself.


The dough for the Dumplings is always the same, the appearance may vary

©vector pocket These are the ingredients you will need for the Dumplings-Rezept400 grams of minced meat (mixed)approx. 15 to 20 shrimp in a lime, it is packet of Wan Tan Teigein Egg (size M)fresh ginger, fish sauce, fresh garlic, salt and pepper, roasted chili paste, chili jam, spring onions and soy sauce

tip : If you have a few of the ingredients mentioned neither in the supermarket nor in the Internet, you will be in the nearest Asian food Shop surely find it.

the Dumplings are cooked properly Fullscreen

The Dumplings are both with minced meat as well as shrimp


step 1: First of all, they are filled to give the fresh ginger and the garlic in a mortar and pound both to a fine pulp, the quantity can vary according to your personal taste. If you do not have a mortar at home, you can cut the ingredients with a kitchen knife into fine dice.

step 2: Mix the minced meat with the ginger and garlic, then the mass is sauce with the fish, the chili paste, the Chili jam, the soy sauce as well as salt and pepper seasoned. Also here you can adjust the quantities of the ingredients to your taste. The more you use, the more flavorful the filling will be at the end.

step 3: get Rid of the shrimp from the head, the tail, tank and intestines, the Latter can be easily removed by prick with a toothpick in the top of the peeled shrimp and the small intestine to slowly pull out. Then the shrimp are chopped very fine and with a bit of salt and the thin strips sliced lime leaf mixed in.

step 4: Whisk the Egg in a small bowl with a fork, and to the best of each of the wonton sheets on a page. Then you give a bit of the minced meat mass in the center of the dough and the layers next to it just as much shrimp mass. Alternatively, you can distribute the fish and the meat separately on the leaves.

step 5: If the whole mass was spread on the pastry, take one sheet and press the dough so that the Dumpling is either towards the top is completely closed or have an Opening, so that the layers are visible. Finally, the bags are enclosed in onions with a thin strip of the spring.


If you have done everything correctly, you will see your Dumplings at the end of

©Chengyu Zheng steam cooking: the Dumplings in a few minutes, serving to be done

When Steaming, it is important that the Dumplings come at any time in contact with the water, but only in the water vapor to be cooked. A normal cooking pot is not suitable for this reason as well for the preparation – unless, of course, you have to Dampen a special use of the.

If you want to use a classic steamer as in China, we recommend this traditional bamboo steamer. The small steam basket can be used for Steaming as well as to Serve. By the end of the preparation at 100 degrees for about ten to 15 minutes, the Dumplings are a particularly intensive flavour.

tip: The finished dumplings should be eaten immediately after Cooking, because drying in the air very quickly.

We wish you a good appetite!


If you have shaped the Dumplings so you can make the filling better.


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