Easter brunch: 10 easy recipes your guests will rave about


At Easter, we invite friends and family and celebrate with a great Easter brunch. Because nothing is more sociable than a Brunch, the hours up in the afternoon. Talk, laugh, and enjoy. To do this the holidays are. Everything you need for the perfect Brunch, is proper planning. We have the check list.

1. Early planning

A successful Brunch has to be well planned. This starts with the invitations, on decorations and the provision of sufficient chairs, Cutlery and crockery, and ends with the courts themselves. Here, you can quickly lose track, especially if many guests are coming. Prepare everything so that you have to do on the day itself nothing Organizational.

2. On several shoulders to distribute

It must not be everything to hang on to them. Perhaps the framework of the meeting allows it, that some friends and family members to participate in the preparations and perhaps a salad, a Quiche or meatballs to bring along something or come earlier and directly in the preparation help.

Simple kitchen

In six steps: the perfect Roast

3 to succeed. Plenty of bread and rolls

A Brunch is, and one of the essential ingredients is biscuits. The easiest way is to get a mixed bag of buns at the bakery. Decorative bun wreaths that anyone can just cancel. You can also offer a Bagel or a variety of breads: light, dark, fine, coarse, with grains or without. Pumpernickel, crispbread and Croissants to complement the selection – everyone likes for Breakfast something else. Who has the time and inclination, you can even bake bread or loaves of bread, but not without the appropriate preparation. Quite quickly, however, pikante Muffins succeed.

puff pastry, fresh or frozen, savory or sweet Mini-Croissants or snails cooked with ham and cheese, or with Nutella or jam. Approx. 12-15 minutes at 200° C, bake in the oven, serve fresh.

easy cooking

leg of lamb: In six steps to the perfect Easter roast

Bert gamer blow

4. Quick bread spreads

For the bread topping. In addition to a selection of cheese, sausage and ham you can surprise your guests with unusual toppings that you can quickly prepare yourself or buy. Also, remember to keep two or three different, good jams, and a glass of honey and nut-Nougat-cream for the chocolate fans.

These three spreads to succeed quickly:

cream cheese-arugula-spread: cheese and A Cup of cream to taste with a little cottage cheese and some olive oil smooth stir vigorously, season with salt and pepper. A handful of arugula, washed and coarsely chopped, stirring, as well as to taste a tablespoon of toasted pine nuts, a few thinly sliced sun-dried tomatoes (in Oil), or both. the pepper-Feta spread: About half a jar of Ajvar (ready-made red pepper paste) or more, each with a pack of feta cheese and cream cheese puree. If you like, you can also taste a bit of chopped parsley and small diced peppers, stir and everything. If you like it spicy, you can spice up with Chili. the Red beet spread: 2 to 3 tubers Beetroot, pre-cooked or even cooked with some Oil, puree, then a pack of cream cheese or fresh goat cheese while stirring. Everything with a bit of lemon, salt and pepper and, if you like, 1 TBSP horseradish to taste.

5. Straightforward egg dishes

No Brunch without eggs. You can have them boiled, scrambled, or Fried, as an omelet or Frittata serve, but that often means that you must spend as a host to a lot of time at the stove, because a scrambled egg, omelette or Fried eggs taste best cooked fresh. Our suggestion is prepare well and vary – and you can sit as the host relaxes at the table:

grease the Hearty egg Muffins

The wells of a Muffin. In a pan some slices fry Bacon (for those Muffin a), while a couple of slices of slices of (wholemeal) Toast lightly toast. With a narrow glass or dessert ring (in the size of the muffin bottom) soils from the bread, cut out, and a ground in the recess. The still hot bacon as a Ring in the trough. He forms the edge. In each well, beat an Egg, season with a little salt and in a hot oven 12 to 15 minutes to bake, depending on how soft the Egg is supposed to be. Out, get a short leave to cool, season with pepper and maybe chives, season and serve. Alternatively, you can press a whole Toast in the pit, but before the bread and roll out thinly. A further alternative or supplementary ingredients: fresh herbs, diced Ham, grated cheese or Vegetables such as peas, tomatoes, peppers, or onions, if necessary, rolled.

6. Popular granola, classic

Many people eat in the morning, like muesli, Cornflakes or other cereal flakes. Here, it is sufficient, two, three variants to offer, some fresh fruit, yogurt, or cottage cheese and milk.

Especially popular is the Bircher-muesli. Since the oats are already over-night, it’s good to prepare. There are countless variations of this classic. Some of the soft flakes in water or Apple juice, other milk, and others take a mixture of milk, Apple juice and lemon juice. What you decide on: The ratio of oatmeal to liquid is about one to two to three. The flakes in the evening with hot water or hot milk is poured on and over night covered in the fridge to swell. The mass is fixed, with a little warm milk to loosen. Otherwise, you need to RUB on in the Morning, an Apple, a little lemon juice to give, so he is brown, and the grated Apple with the soaked oatmeal, some natural yoghurt, honey and chopped, toasted hazelnuts good mix. If you like, you can in addition to berries fresh fruit stand, for example.

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7. Balanced mix

A Brunchbuffet is always rich and varied. Make sure that not only cold and warm, but also light and luscious dishes to keep the balance. Therefore, in addition to may cheese also light salads and vegetable dishes, casseroles. What is fast: you can make vegetable sticks with Dips on the Buffet table or on the eve of a soup or a vegetable Antipasto to prepare.

8. A little bit of luxury

fish, especially salmon, will give your Brunch an easy-to Dean dente Note. Some serve him alone, such as marinated salmon, can take of each, or as a filling in Wraps or the Like. Popular Sashimi, i.e. raw fish. The effort is minimal, however, you should pre-order it here and on absolute Freshness.

meat should not also be missing if the Buffet is explicitly vegetarian or vegan. Some hosts can prepare, even a Roast. Others opt for chicken skewers with peanut sauce, Chicken Wings, or the Evergreen: meatballs. You can spice up even the most surprising, if they are to change.

9. Sweet for the sweet tooth

A fresh fruit salad is a classic at the Brunch. You can turn him on with a bit of honey or maple syrup and lemon juice, this is fast and ensures a Fresh Kick. In this time of the year it also does a bowl of fresh strawberries. A vanilla curd tastes the most, is quickly touched, and can very well combine. Those who prefer to offer a cake, you should bake it in the evening. Faster and often easier it is to bake morning Muffins, if there is time. The don’t need to anyway, to cool forever.

Like pancakes or waffles are seen otherwise. Significantly less work you have, if you prepare the soft dough for the weapon, so that your guests can bake waffles. A little icing sugar, applesauce, berries, or cherries and whipped cream, then everybody can serve.

10. Drinks

of Course, the drinks may not be missing. A glass of sparkling wine, champagne or Cremant Toast is one of many. Freshly brewed coffee is, of course, but for those among your guests who drink, maybe tea, you should ask a small selection of black and green tea, maybe herbal tea ready. Some of the cocoa, especially the children like. Generally speaking, milk should not be missing, also, for the cereal or coffee. Orange juice and maybe one, two more juices and water are also on the table.

you may have to offer Lust, freshly-made Smoothies. If you have a stock of a stand mixer and a selection of fresh fruit, can make your guest mixes according to your taste. As a base of bananas, Apples, pears, depending on the season or your taste, you can of berries in addition, Kiwis, oranges, or even spinach (fresh or frozen). For a mild green Smoothie that tastes even children, you need: a banana, peeled and cut into pieces, a small Apple, cored and cut into pieces, a handful of spinach, some water, a few ice cubes. Everything in the blender, puree, possibly with a little honey or agave syrup sweet. A lot of fun at the Brunch!

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