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The cyclists with their colorful Jackets and cube-shaped backpacks serve a booming market: Online delivery services such as Deliveroo, or Lieferando apply especially in large cities than in the future. Trade unionists criticize the poor working conditions of the driver. It lacked “a real compensation for the work medium, i.e., cell phone, bike, clothes,” says Christopher Schink, in the trade Union nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten (NGG) for the so-called Rider of the delivery services. In addition, many cyclists complain, according to Schink about the Jackets, the place of your employer. Also, wage and time pressure points of criticism, which would have given him a lot of drivers are. The provider deny the accusations of poor working conditions.

In large German cities are competing now, two large providers. Customers order in the case of Deliveroo, or Lieferando App dishes of Restaurants in the vicinity. The Rider will pick the food, in General, with the bike, and bring it against a couple of Euro fee to the customer’s home. Deliveroo has its headquarters in the UK and is available in five German cities. Lieferando supports ten cities in Germany and belongs to the Dutch company Takeaway. Which has taken over in the spring for their bright Pink well-known brand Foodora and continues to improve its services now under Lieferando.

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you can order tastes great in salads, on Toast or in a Sandwich. The Problem of the Avocado, but it oxidizes and is then quickly unsightly brown. Therefore, brown Avocado on Toast is not the best choice for Breakfast in the hotel bed.

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Lieferando and co.

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The providers to make the riders in the rule, Jackets and backpacks in the commercial Design available: orange-white at Lieferando and green-silver at Deliveroo. Bicycles and mobile phones to bring the most Rider in the case of Deliveroo itself. For that, you get a lump sum. “This amount I can use then with a Partner for Bicycle parts, where they may shop,” says Schink. For the driver of Delivery, often passionate cyclists, sufficient the but often. “Many say that is no real compensation, but this is a Fig leaf.” Lieferando-drivers must also bring along your phone and sometimes your wheel itself. In many cities, the company provides according to its own statements driver, but with E-Bikes.

The Jackets of the provider were also in the Winter, not warm enough, criticized Schink. Rumors, according to which the drivers were forced to wear it always to be visible, back has a Deliveroo spokesman vehemently: “No driver will be forced to wear Deliveroo equipment in the contract even explicitly States that you are allowed to carry at work and use whatever you want.” In addition, to further develop the Jackets constantly with experts.

Many of the drivers of the two-party hold, according to Schink your payment is too low, because it “is just above the minimum wage, depending on the city different”, explains the trade unionist. The statutory minimum wage since January 9,19 euros per hour. The employee driver would get between minimum wage and 10, rarely 11 euros or more. According to a spokesman for the Lieferando-owner Carryout the terms and conditions for Foodora have improved driver after the Acquisition. “Our couriers are employees properly insured and get in most cities E-Bikes are made.”

Independently, and great time pressure,

Deliveroo driver, according to the company spokesperson, the self-employed. The increase of the working pressure, says Schink: The faster you drive, the more you earn. Also, Sunday evenings are, for example, high demand for delivery services is much more profitable than, for example, Wednesday mornings. The layer distribution can be exploited, therefore, as a kind of reward system.

But even otherwise, the time pressure is great: The App calculates to the customer, when the food arrives expected, and where the driver is located. He drives the shortest path? Why is he standing so long at the crossroads?

the customer Is satisfied, he gives a tip – in the case of Deliveroo, the even online directly in the App. Many a customer gives the gratuity prefer cash at the door to ensure that it arrives at his driver. The distrust is, according to Schink, however, unfounded. A Deliveroo driver told him: “There was a lot of Trouble, but never killed for drinking money.”

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