Eight magic foods that keep you young and fit


In today’s society, everything revolves around the self-optimization. You want to be fitter, younger, better than the old pretending to be actually. It is to be Older, the most natural thing in the world, is the nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm. To stay young and fit but, you have to give on a few things. For example, on the diet. Therefore, Dagmar von Cramm, in her book, “Happy Aging – My fast recipes for vitality, beauty & Balance”, food and recipes, to help protect cells from premature aging, to maintain a healthy weight, strengthen the immune system and to feed the little grey cells.

Eight facts to happy aging

1) Current knowledge on cellular aging, the role of hormones and the results of large studies to longevity can help us on the jumps.

2) does the gut have an important role. The brain has special claims to Shine. And without our body’s internal clock and the Balance between movement and relaxation.

3) the key lies in The substances contained in our food. The right choice, the perfect Mix, and the careful preparation decide whether we can benefit from it.

4) The number 1, the vegetables from the leaf to the root as possible with peel — and, of course, the fruits.


for More recipes and tips for happy aging, see Dagmar von Cramms “Happy Aging”. 160 pages. 22,99 Euro.

5) Animal protein plays a small role: fish is the Star, the Wild an insider’s tip, and poultry of the classics. Egg and dairy products round out the Mix.

6) Vegetable protein from cereals, grains, seeds and nuts is the perfect Supplement.
In the process, new discoveries will play the main role!

7) The unsung heroes are but legumes and everything, what is conjured from it, especially from soy.

8) the colorful Mix is well tolerated, guarantee herbs and spices with their magical effect.

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