Eight weeks to sugar-free: Can work a life without sugar?


After I had a few weeks ago for Breakfast a large bowl of Bircher muesli with cherries eaten, I had an unpleasant feeling in the stomach. Hard, full, and grumpy. And the sweet taste in the mouth also did not want to disappear after brushing your teeth. Pretty soon after that, I was already hungry again. Funny, I thought. Should not make granola at least for a few hours? Irritated, I fished the packaging out of the trash can. Almost four Euro had cost the 100 grams of Serving in the health food store. “Tastes great, the best we have”, had given the cashier me on the way.

When I was on the bottom looked, there where hidden and in small print were the ingredients, then the shock. Of the 100 grams of 45 grams of sugar. The world health organization recommends that adults up to 25 grams per day. All about health is harmful. With the two spoonfuls of sugar I stirred, as always, in my tea, I had already before I went in the morning out of the house, the double Portion of the sweet crystal intus. A real shock, got me Thinking.

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I’m not a Overweight, course two, sometimes three Times a week and bike to work. I had the feeling that, as a result, cardiovascular disease or Diabetes is well protected. But that was a misconception. In my head I was expecting. Every few days a can of coke. In between times a couple of Toffifee, the sugar in the tea, at lunch, a small chocolate pudding for dessert, gummy bears and so on. It’s summed up neatly. I honestly had completely lost the feeling of how much sugar I took per day to me. Open or occasionally hidden, from time to time. According to my high bill I was quickly made clear: clearly too much.

Conscious eating: Healthy snacking. And how. Seven Snacks, where you eat the ingredients must not: Fullscreen

chocolate mousse with Avocado


1 Avocado, 1 TBSP honey or maple syrup, 2 TSP cocoa powder, unsweetened


spooned Avocado, cocoa powder and honey or maple syrup mix together. In Ramekins or bowls, keep cool and enjoy.

I wanted to key the radical step

And still: I had to urgently change something. From now on I decided I wanted to try as far as possible to refrain from sugar. No chocolate, no gummy bears, nothing more. Radical, because I was sure that I would not manage to reduce to just the consumer. Anschmecken and stop, because the temptation would have been too big.

I’ve never done in my life on a diet. Sick I felt. But according to my research for the diet-title story in the star was clear to me how deceptive this feeling of health can be. A researcher had told him in conversation with me: “I daily see people in my practice who think they are healthy because they are slim. Then we look at the blood values and they are really sick.” With my decision, the doubt came to me, but nevertheless, immediately: Can I keep this up? Never gummy – terrible!



Healthy and slim by using of the intestinal flora: “We eat is like a gardener”

sugar should be a false friend. He sweetens our life, but we pay a high price. He is now many scientists as a drug. Especially the sugar that we take so often and so much to us. Chemically it is called sucrose and is made up of two sugars, dextrose (glucose) and fruit sugar (fructose). We eat sugar, the two substances in our body differently. Especially the fructose referred to as the compound is suspected to increase the risk of fatty degeneration of the liver. The is feared among medical professionals, because of the fatty liver the risk of Diabetes and liver cell cancer is on the rise.

Early, the diseases of old age, nowadays they are seen in younger and Younger, and even children. A fatty liver may also be an early sign of Metabolic syndrome, a whole bunch of diseases: Diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

sugar makes you happy – in the short term,

sugar is also a substance that can activate particularly good and fast, the reward center in the brain. He makes us short-term happy, long-term, we always want more. A vicious cycle. There is also the presumption that in us the life of bacteria, which can control our Craving for sugar. So it seems possible that the energy requirement of the body is already covered, but this is a group of bacteria want even more and causes us to eat more. With a penchant for sugary food. Because these bacteria need to survive, fuel and multiply. No Surprise, then, that Overweight people have a completely different stomach and intestinal colonisation with bacteria than normal weight.

Now two months for me with almost no sugar past. In the supermarket I’m always on the ingredients list. Is because sugar, the stuff back on the shelf. Sometimes this is damn hard, but most of the time it works. And very often I stood there and scolded: “Why must be mixed in this cereal so much sugar in it? And why we allow ourselves to be the industry, this malicious stuff anywhere ever mix?”

Tricks from the professional kitchen

the success of a Dessert without sugar and taste?

So I eat sugar free

in the Morning, there are now unsweetened natural yogurt with oatmeal. My fruit no longer comes out of the can, but fresh from the market. Daily I take carrots and sliced fennel to the office. Instead of a chocolate nibble, I almonds and all kind of nuts. This is because, unlike assumed for a long time, are very healthy. Mainly because of the high content of B-vitamins. On white bread I’ll pass. I’d rather eat whole grain bread. Tea tastes good without sugar. Only Espresso without Sweet I can not get used to me, absolutely, that’s why I just completely. This is by far the hardest part. Recently, while strolling in the city, I wanted to make a short coffee shop break. But the only drink on the map without sugar was still water. I’m wagain.

But overall, the renunciation of sugar is a small change in my life. The is often exhausting, because there are many hidden Traps. But it’s worth it. I have not weighed myself, unfortunately, before I started my trial, but last week, I bought myself a new pair of pants. She is two sizes smaller than before. Especially on the belly, I feel like I’ve lost. A couple of colleagues have already spoken to me. Of course, this motivates me. And a bit proud as I am.

“My perfect diet”

part 1: Why is this woman waived on sugar

By Denise Snieguole Wachter pants two sizes smaller

in addition, I now significantly faster. In my last round, I turned on the stopwatch. There were a couple of minutes, I pulled out. I feel fresher, more alert and my muscles fatigue much slower. Overall, I have significantly less Hunger. Between Breakfast and lunch, I’m a complete without Snacks. I don’t know of earlier. On The Contrary. Particularly in stressful situations, and because we women are particularly prone to handle I candy.

Once a week I allow myself a “Cheat Day”. As I know it from many of the professional athletes. A day where I just eat what I want. In the meantime, however, I have also the days almost no Desire for sugary foods. A secret weapon against cravings, I also have: dark chocolate with a cocoa content above 75 percent. It is delicious, contains almost no sugar but flavonoids. These are antioxidants, i.e. substances that make the radical in the cells harmless. And in turn, protects against a variety of diseases.

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