Espresso: Almost all the taste of the coffee from Starbucks


The Italian says, when good Espresso the four “M”: la machina, la miscela, la macinatura and la mano. So the machine, the mixture of the beans, the Grind and the Hand, the bride-to-be the coffee. Ökotest but are just as fair production conditions in the growing countries, as well As a lot of money to the coffee farmers? Toxic pesticides are in high use? Children work on the plantations? Be forests for the cultivation of coffee cleared? Therefore, the testers have taken 22 espresso brands under the microscope, in order to clarify these questions.

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Eight Tricks, what is a good Italians realize

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The result is sobering: Of the 22 brands recommends Ökotest only five products: Gepa, Café Intención, Dennree, Mount Hagen, Rapunzel. All five are organic espressos.

Taste can almost keep up to all 22 – up on the Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast. The taste test failure, because it taste significantly, “bitter, gangrenous and strictly”. In addition, he is almost 24 Euro per Kilo, the most expensive coffee in the Test. Also, the Crema was the testers too thin. The best espressos of the beetle and the Dennree have taste testers.

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Boring: filter coffee machine

“Time for a Cup of coffee to” cook, so something was there before the invention of the filter coffee machine, actually. As in the late fifties to the machine, then the vacuum-Packed ground coffee came in the super markets could not be stopped, the automation of the coffee cooking. The filter coffee machine mimics the surge of ways to Brew the Kaffeemehls with the Hand. The water enters a water heater and is heated to 92 to 94 degrees Celsius. By the pressure of the vapor bubbles, the hot water shoots in a riser pipe that ends above the filter bag. Therefore, the Bubbling and hissing at the Scalding.

the duration of The brewing process for some of the machines regulate. Each manufacturer maintains its own imaginative name: aroma switch, Hot brewing system, Flavoring System and some more. As well as hot, you can regulate the contact time between water and coffee flour. A so-called aroma switch with the settings “Weak”, “Strong” and “Strong” regulates the flow time of the water. The longer the water is able to dissolve the aromatic substances from the coffee powder out, the stronger the coffee is. The coffee flows in a bottom-heated glass jug, is ruined, the delicate Aroma after no more than ten minutes. The coffee is bitter. Systems with thermal pots keep the coffee without the need for additional energy to warm, but also the Aroma very much longer.


in Most cases, mild coffee with a fine acidity.

suitable For:

All, the need to have multiple cups at one time and want to prepare without a large expenditure of time. Especially for the cleaning of the machine.

What is coffee

100% Arabica suitable varieties. The filter paper and the filter angle are matched to this fine coffee places.

©M_a_y_a coffee: best in the combination of organic and fair-trade-buy

In all the products of acrylamide is. This is not surprising, in the most there are only small amounts. Eight espressos exceed the guideline value. Acrylamide has caused cancer in animal tests and is considered to be mutagenic. The highest acrylamide levels are stuck in the Segafredo Zanetti Intermezzo. The pollutant is formed during the Roasting.


Mark Ruijgrok

Nespresso-chief talks about sustainability: Greta Thunberg? “Who is that?”

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

What relates to the conditions of production, from cutting the espresso brands Gepa organic Espresso Ankole whole bean (21,99 Euro per kilogram) and the Rapunzel Gusto Espresso whole bean (17,96 euros) at best. Both are organic coffee, the manufacturer will pay the farmers the Fairtrade minimum price and highly toxic pesticides can not come to the plantations for use.

Ökotest advises that anyone Who wants to enjoy his coffee with a good conscience, drives with the combination of organic and fair-trade is best. Organic alone is not a guarantee for good working conditions on the plantations. Fairtrade alone is not a guarantee that pesticides are banned.

all The Test you can read here for a fee!

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