First wine, then beer or Vice versa? What does this mean for the hangover after that,


beer on wine, let’ be? Wine on beer, the Council’ I to you? The phrase heard the most in their youth. But is there really something to it?

this issue have also employed British and German scientists. In a clinical study, they monitored the work of 90 participants strictly. The subjects drank beer and wine in a different order. The scientists then evaluated the effects.

“Each of the speech familiar with phrase: ‘beer on wine, let that be; wine on beer, the Council, I present to you,” says Kai Hensel, a member of the medical faculty at the University of Cambridge, told the Guardian. “We thought, something must be behind it, but how can we test it?”


The best Snack for the hangover

By Denise Snieguole Wachter beer and wine – all for the study

So drank Volunteers between 19 and 40 years of beer and wine. The subjects were divided into three groups, depending on your calorie needs. The first group drank about a Liter of beer, and then four large glasses of white wine. The second group drank the Same, but in a different order. The third group drank either beer or wine, but at the same alcohol concentration as the other subjects.

The researchers observed the Drinking and asked questions, such as how drunk you were. Before they were put to bed, got each of the subjects a glass of water, depending on their body weight. The night was medically monitored, after which the participants were asked to hangover. The was assessed according to thirst, fatigue, headache, dizziness, Nausea, abdominal pain, heart palpitations and loss of appetite.

hangover Breakfast: These ten dishes to defeat the hangover Fullscreen

Ramen and Miso soups

you are liquid. You are hot. They provide amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Japanese Ramen and Miso soups are not in vain so popular in Japan and other Asian countries. The main taste makers are Dashi, the fish is called, and Miso, a soybean paste. Small tofu pieces, or thin green seaweed, Wakame, like swimming in the soup. In Japan you will be served at the traditional Breakfast, miso soup with rice, Ramen with noodles, pork belly and Egg.

And again to drink …

were allowed to drink A week later, the participants once again. This Time in a different order: The group, the first beer then wine is drank, around now got the first wine, then beer and different. The Drink were pretty hungover, one out of ten had passed. But the results of the study, which was published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, are clearly. No matter how rum: the order of The drinks has no influence on the intensity of the cat.

In the core it means: The saying is not true. The scientists also emphasize that in the study, only beer and white wine was compared. Red wine and spirits were not taken into account. What is true: those Who drink too much alcohol, which is likely to have a hangover.

sources: “Guardian”, “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”

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