Five tips for cravings how to overcome them


are hot to avoid hunger attacks is hard to come by. Chips, sugared Donuts or fast food are tempting to consume and easy to let us quickly of our healthy Lifestyle agreement.

food cravings is associated with the memory. If we have a dish we like, we create a positive memory. The impact on our well-being, and we remember how we felt when we ate this particular dish. The Professor Carey more wedge of the Boston University “the BBC says”. The more we eat, the more we strengthen this memory. This Request can be at any time caused, with a smell, a feeling, or even in a certain place.

food cravings are closely associated with the reward center in the brain. Especially carbohydrate-containing foods such as sugary drinks, or Fried foods such as French fries, the signals in our brain. If you are mixing some carbohydrates with fat (for example, ice cream or chocolate), then the signals will intensify even more. The scientists have found the Yale University.

Stress, boredom, anxiety, and poor sleep can hot strengthen hunger pangs yet. But there are also ways to avoid this. What are the five that are, collectively, the “BBC” and we will show distance in the following photo.

source: BBC

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