Five tips for shopping in the supermarket, saving you money


Just go to the supermarket and a few odds and ends before the evening shopping and then but with two full bags exit the market. Supermarkets use clever Tricks, to seduce us, as consumers, to shop. Probably the oldest Trick in the book: sweets at children’s eye level at the checkout. But everything else is usually left to chance.

it Was the smell of fresh bread, soothing music in the Background or try on stalls, in addition, directly to the product. All of this serves only one purpose: they are here to spend money.

But With our tips, you can outsmart the supermarket, to be at the end not on the total price of the purchase, indignantly. What is the distance in the following photo. to know


Seven ultimate tips on how you can save on fruit and vegetable shopping money

By Denise Snieguole Wachter How supermarkets need to change

Once supermarkets, where to find everything was on the rise. The picture has changed. Culinary Knowledge is not in super markets already for a long time. Instead of diversity, there is more simplicity, every supermarket carries the same products, which have become impersonal and aloof.

The food expert Hanni Rützler know that more and more consumers to consume their food only””, but also “” want to experience. The interest in manufacturing and quality, and sensual experience, it also German supermarkets like Real, Rewe and Edeka respond now. But Real copies rather only the surface of a week market. Since the fruit-boxes in which vegetables and fruits are claiming to be from the Region stack. The iceberg lettuce is not Packed only in plastic, but comes also from Spain. A regional market looks different. The strategy is not well thought out. Read more about it here!

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