For more meat-free products: Rügenwalder mill a curry sausage production


food producer Rügenwalder mill wants to continue on vegetarian products, and the production of meat products at its main plant in lower Saxony Bad Zwischenahn to expand. As the Portal “Top Agrar” reported with reference to the management of the company, sacrificing the company, for example, even a German culture: the end of 2019 the production of the sausage is to be set in favour of the production of alternative products. So the wool of the family, the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan products operating descendants, it is said in the report.

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“the goal is that by 2020, our classic and organic meat and sausages to take a revenue share of 60 percent, and the vegetarian/vegan products with a share of 40 percent,” is managing Director Lothar Bentlage quoted. 2018 rügenwalder have the absolute market mill leadership to not only maintain, but to brands and Start-Ups can expand the report with reference to Bentlages Co-managing Director Godo Röben.

2018 rügenwalder mill achieved a total gross turnover of EUR 212 million, eleven million more than in 2017. The proportion of meat-free products in the total turnover amounted to 27 percent internal growth in the segment was reported to be above the market level. Despite the Veggie-Boom: meat, an important role plays the sausage maker-this is also the traditional range should be maintained. In addition, we wanted to be a driver of innovation in the area of climate protection and contribute to more animal welfare make.

source: “Top Agrar”

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