Forget ice cream from the supermarket: six recipes that you should try at home


summer and ice cream go together and conjure up a bit of Italian Flair in the German everyday life. Especially ice cream in the warm Season, the business of your life. But Attention! There are large differences between individual ice-cream parlours.

Take, for example, an ordinary ice cream shop: The often has a selection of more than 30 flavors. How is that possible? With the use of industrial products, which are stirred to ice. Some of these products are up to two years. An Exception To This? Tend not. In Germany, there are 7000 ice-cream parlours. The least of which are ice-cream parlours manual. Most of the mix your ice cream with powder. The basic mixture is the same for all varieties are the same: milk, cream powder, binders and Dextrose. With a bag of powder, you can produce up to 500 balls of ice cream that is mistakenly commonly sold as a house made. It is not, of course. For the flavouring pastes or sauces are mixed including.

Good ice cream is not cheap

you ask to the ingredients list, if you have the suspicion, in the ice cream shop could have been helped. Also, when Ice cream from the supermarket or discount stores, it looks no better: The industry relies on long-lasting ingredients, and stretches as far as possible. Cheap ice cream with a lot of water, powdered milk, cheap fatty, artificial flavors and other additives. In the brand test the flavors of ice cream from the discount stores to land on the last places. They are too watery and full of additives. The conclusion: Good ice cream, it is not a price at a bargain.

But you can make ice cream ourselves. In the “ice cream Bible”, which appeared in the Christian publishing house, there are a lot of creations, with Egg and without Egg, milk or vegan. The most beautiful recipes we have selected for you.

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