Forget The Bouillon Cube! Instructions for the perfect broth


Who has something for the cook left, is probably familiar with this Aha-Moment: Granular broth than bouillon cubes or as a powder in a glass is good for nothing. Really nothing to take it. A strong broth is just Right, if a cold seam or on the outside freezes. The New York-based even snake and pay a lot of money for a bone broth, a broth made from bones cooked. Of course you can buy the Beef stock from Lacroix for € 2.99 from the supermarket. But for the 400 milliliters of the is not a bargain. Therefore, a completely crazy idea: Make the broth yourself!

And that is not difficult. First of all, you should consider whether you broth rather have a clear, strong beef or broth from chicken. Of course you need to decoction of the bones and carcasses of the time. At best you are laying the preparation for the weekend.

beef broth

Get this 1.5 pounds of beef bones, , in the best organic quality. Ask at the butcher, always at the ready. You roast the bones together with a large halved onion with the peel for about an hour at 220 degrees in the oven. Place the browned bones without the fat, add the onion and spices of your choice (definitely salt!) in a large pot, and fill it with two liters of water and leave the bone in it over low heat for six to ten hours of simmer . If you don’t have so much time, would be enough for two hours at medium heat. Pour the finished broth through a sieve.

Not only soup!

the 10 dishes you should eat when you are sick

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Now the broth is ready: How about, for example, with a classic Vietnamese noodle soup called Pho? You can Refine the broth with ginger, star anise and fish sauce and serve with rice noodles, spring onions, beef is in the broth, bean sprouts and limes. An excellent recipe can be found here!

chicken broth Fullscreen

Just as delicious as a beef broth noodle soup with chicken broth

©Denise Wachter

Easier and at least equally delicious: chicken broth. Classic it is not comfortable in the cold Season. You are going to buy a soup chicken. There is the butcher, in the case of well-stocked supermarkets or organic food. Make sure that the chicken soup of Bio-quality. For six euros you already get an organic chicken as TK-commodity.

Enter the chicken , whether frozen or not, in cubes sliced soup vegetables (carrot, celery, parsley, leek), as well as the onion, Bay leaves and salt in a pot. Pour as much of the cold water , so that the chicken is completely covered with water. Let the chicken soup three hours of quiet simmer . You get ascendant materials from turbid. Take out the chicken after an hour of cooking time and remove the meat. The carcass, so the bones can go back in the pot. The meat is on the best side, you can process it later to the noodle soup. Pour the finished broth through a sieve. Do you have any concerns, the throwing away of bone structure, it is now cooked completely.

Good to know: , A freshly prepared broth keeps for several days in the refrigerator. Cook them, therefore, large quantities. You can freeze the broth and then when needed, thaw. It not only tastes better, but is also usually cheaper. The only time that you need to take.

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