Four tips for the perfect watermelon, the best part: Knock!


do you love watermelons, but are always unsure of whether or not the fruit in the supermarket is enough Mature? No Problem. Here are four tips that will help you find the perfect watermelon choose:

tip 1: choose a uniformly shaped watermelon.

not Sure that the fruit is dented or irregular in their Form. The water-melon should be firm and not soft or indented have.

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watermelon eat like a Pro

tip 2: weigh and compare water melon

A ripe watermelon is heavier than a less Mature. The extra weight is a good indicator that the fruit is full of water and not dry and tasteless. Compare, therefore, the different fruits of the same size. Choose always the hardest.

tip 3: Find the yellow spot on the watermelon

The is an indication of where the melon had during their growth, contact with the ground. The yellow stain is, the more Mature the fruit. Avoid water melons, which stain pale, white, or even non-existent. It could be that the fruit was harvested early and immature.

tip 4: Make the knock test

The technique of every child, and water-melons knows well lovers swear by it: Tap on the fruit. The tone sounds deep and hollow, the watermelon is perfectly ripe.

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