From three to two Michelin stars: chef falls into depression and is suing the Michelin guide


the accolade for every restaurateur to be awarded with a Michelin star. Often, the ambition to grow with the stars, so one is working on the second, then the third. The French chef Marc Veryrat this honor in February 2018, part of it was to. His Restaurant “La Maison des Bois” (in English: the house of the forest) in the French Alps was awarded with three Michelin stars. A higher award there is in the restaurant business. However, the third star lasted not long. Only a year later, the Michelin Guide, the prestigious restaurant guide of gastronomy, the Restaurant stripped of his third star and gave the restaurant two stars down. And here the Drama started.

Michelin Guide 2019

top chef voluntarily of his three stars – and gets it, against his will, back

“I’m in the doghouse,” said Veyrat, the “BBC” and added that the announcement had dissolved his staff “in tears”. A food inspector is supposed to have said that Veyrat and his Team would give Cheddar to the Soufflé. The cheeses that were used for the court, were always French cheeses, defended the chef, and introduced varieties such as Beaufort and Reblochon. “I have given into saffron, and the Lord came, thought it was Cheddar because it was yellow,” said Veyrat, compared with France Inter Radio. Whether that was the whole point for the downgrade, is not yet known.

“That’s it, it’s over,”

Veyrat is said to have received the message in January and completely shocked to have been: “That you call them one Evening without warning, without writing anything, without anything, just to say: ‘That’s it, it’s over'”.

In an Interview with the French news site “Le Point” said Veyrat, that he had suffered from depression since his Restaurant was downgraded. “How can you dare to put the health of cooks on the game?”, he asked.

The chef does not want to allow the downgrade and is now going to take legal action. He wants to know by the inspectors of the Michelin restaurant guide exactly how it came to this decision. Veyrats lawyer Emmanuel Ravana’s wish to force the Michelin Guide to documents, “to clarify the exact reasons” to submit. The Ravana’s told the AFP news Agency.

The Restaurant is still “worth a detour” Interview

chef Thomas Bühner, “La Vie”

He had one of the best Restaurants in the world to do what is the stinginess of the Germans has

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

the Michelin Guide has already commented: “We understand the frustration of Mr Veyrat, whose Talent no one denies … we will review your requests carefully and respond,” – said in a statement.

In July requested Veyrat, that his Restaurant is supposed to be from the Michelin guide deleted. The Directors of the leader rejected the appeal, they said, would you recommend “it”.

Three Michelin stars mean that the Restaurant “had a special trip value”. The “La Maison des Bois”, with its two stars is “just” still “worth a detour”. The kitchen is excellent”,” writes of the Michelin guide.

sources: “BBC”, “France Inter”, “Le Point”, “AFP”

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