Frosta is for everyone? As the frozen food giant earned a Shitstorm because of racism


The Claim of the frozen food giants Frosta is actually: “Frosta is for everyone”: After yesterday’s Instagram Post, the slogan that the same is true for all, except for the Chinese. What had happened?

It should probably be just a joke of the Social Media Department, which had at the Saturday service. The posted a vegan sweet potato pan with the saying: “love the Chinese, what you are looking for on the back of: additives, you will not find”. It is clear that Frosta alludes to the landing of the Chinese probe on the back side of the moon. (Read more about it here.) So far so good.


With this Post, the frozen food supplier Frosta applied his sweet potato pan. The Instagram entry has now been deleted, Frosta apologized to all who have felt discriminated against.

©Screenshot/Frosta/Instagram Frosta suggests, Chinese food is full of additives

at the same time but Frosta denigrated Chinese food in General. Because the sentence suggests that the food be materials in Chinese are unhealthy and full of additives. Frosta plays with clichés, the handling went but entirely to the rear. On Instagram there is a barrage of criticism. User of Chinese origin feel discriminated against, others perceive it as a poverty certificate that such jokes are supposed to be in 2019, funny.

A different user, indicates that you have seen in China in their whole life, never had a sweet potato skillet with pineapple, coconut milk and Curry. This would probably fit more in the Southeast Asian cuisine.

It didn’t take long, since the Social Media Department of Frosta noticed that your Post is a little out of control. You deleted the entry, and apologized with a further Post. “SORRY! Our little space experiment is duly backfired. We apologize to all of the Frosta-friends, attacked our Post, ridiculed or even discriminated against have felt. This certainly was not our intention. Excuse me!”

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SORRY! Our little space experiment is duly backfired. We apologize to all of the FRoSTA-friends, attacked our Post, ridiculed or even discriminated against have felt. This certainly was not our intention. Sorry!

A post shared by FRoSTA (@frosta_de) on Jan 5, 2019 at 12:41pm PST

Frosta to provides frozen food products such as fish, ready meals and vegetables. Since 2003, produced without additives such as colorants, flavors and flavor enhancers. Previously, 60 accessories were taken out from the production. As a result, the dishes were more expensive, and Frosta lost sales and customers at Iglo.

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