German Whisky is becoming more and more popular – more distilleries in Scotland


The American Metal Band Metallica, and the American musician Bob Dylan have announced that in 2018 the sale of its own Whiskey. The vast majority of people are likely to think of the noble cereal brand, first to Scotland and not to the United States. But Whisky from Germany? It doesn’t fit to many at first glance.

Here, in this country there is now a real culture of the noble cereal brands. With a strong regional anchoring. For example, close to the Moselle river: With a drone Hubertus has Vallendar in different times of the year, the field of Rye for his neighbors to photograph. Add photos of Church of his home village Kail, in Rhineland-Palatinate. “This is a Booklet for our Whisky. Then you know exactly where our raw material is growing. This will strengthen the regional awareness of our product,” says the head of the distillery that bears his name. In the United States and Ireland, the Spirit is written with e, anywhere else.

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DPA In Scotland is more whiskey burned

“In Germany, around 200 distilleries of Whisky producing in Scotland, only about 130,” says the President of the Association of German Whisky distiller, Michaela Habbel of the distillery & distillery Heinrich Habbel in the southern Ruhr area. However, there is in this country a number of micro-enterprises such as fruit distilleries with Whisky-year production of just one barrel. In Scotland, still more whiskey will be burned. The German share of the world market of the grain mash is distilled in a wood-barrel-aged Spirit is still negligible.

Hubertus Vallendar stands next to his wooden barrels and test with a glass of his products. “German Whisky is only beginning to be known,” says the Noble writer. “Germany has already burned grain, but the to you only as a grain marketed, for example, as Clear, or double-grain.” Since about 15 years there is the Trend to German Whisky. “What is new is that he is really professionally done.” There are also more and more regional whisky fairs, for example in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and Limburg.

Anne Büttner from the whisky Museum on the landesteil of Birkenfeld in the Rhineland-Palatine Kirn speaks of much more interest to the “water of life”, are the Translation of the original Gaelic word Whisky. “Today, it is with the Internet much easier than in the past, to learn, to read reviews and to buy.” Thousands of bottles of whiskey from all over the world can watch the visitors in the vaulted cellar of a rural village. Some of them are rarities – and in the case of “Tastings” taste.


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By Christoph Fröhlich The Germans like to drink Whisky Whisky

According to the Federal Association of the German spirits industry and importers (BSI) in Bonn to drink now about six million German citizens on a regular basis: The share of the cereal brands on the German spirits market, the BSI gives about one-tenth. How much the revenue of German producers will achieve with the high-proof Spirit, is not covered according to the Association of German Whisky distiller yet.

The Federal centre for health education warns of excessive consumption: “At least two days per week, no alcohol should be consumed.” Also, Vallendar, Germany, says: “education is important. It’s not about binge drinking.” President of the Association Habbel said: “We see ourselves as a luxury food manufacturer and not as an anesthetic manufacturer.”

Hubertus Vallendar loves the variety of the grain brands: “Whisky is very individual.” Depending on the distillery, Cereal, wood barrel, temperature and humidity, taste the Spirit differently.

Germany, instead of Scotland? “A lot of Scotland fans have become Fans of the German Whisky,” said Habbel. Cheap the lengthy production of the grain brands is not in this country, basically: A ton of barley malt, for example, the cost Habbels information 600 to 800 Euro, a hand-made 500-Liter wooden barrel around 800 Euro.

Isle of Arran Destillers

Where Whisky dilute almost duty

Whisky must be three years old

For the necessary fuel store law, producers must meet certain requirements. In the European Union, the cereal brand has to Mature for three years in wooden barrels before it may be called Whisky. Quick money so, not in the long term, you can achieve a good yield. “There is no better interest rate than whiskey,” says Vallendar. The product is individuality at last, the value increases with its age – long Whisky is also a sought-after collector’s item.

Particularly valuable drops of the “lost distilleries” can the lost or closed distilleries. Some of the whiskies old products: In the autumn of 2018 with a bottle with 1926 burnt and 1986, bottled Macallan Valerio Adami was auctioned off in Scotland for the record price of the equivalent of almost 960 000 Euro.

Jens Albes / DPA

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