Good Sushi is in need of not only fresh fish, but also the perfectly cooked rice


In Japan is Sushi, mainly from two ingredients: fish and rice. In this country, a variety of Sushi variations come on the plate. Rolls with cream cheese, sesame seeds, and Avocado. But also Sushi with salmon, prepared in Japan, as well as not. But, for example, plaice, squid, scallops and other seafood.

food, you can call Sushi now it is not just in the Restaurant, but also at the Snack bar around the corner, in the supermarket or the delivery service. But how do you actually recognize whether or not the Sushi is (still) fresh?

To anticipate: Fresh from a professional Sushi tastes the best. But here, too, there are criteria you should keep in mind.

The rice

The Sushi is only limited to the fish, but rather the rice. Specifically acidulated cold and sweetened. The exact recipe is the secret of each sushi master. Famous Sushi has become in this country by the way as a Nigiri, so the rice is shaped as a rice bale and raw fish is served.

the rules of the Business Lunch

Why you should start in Japan, never as the first with the food

For Sushi, it always uses the normal Japanese short-grained round-grain rice. Has very much strength, and adhesive therefore. This should be so. Who uses milk, Risotto or other rice varieties, it can serve, therefore, not a good Sushi. The rice tastes watery, you can assume that the rice was saved and a cheaper variant, was used.

The rice must be al dente and the surface is smooth and shiny. The rice is overcooked, the Sushi can get muddy. The rolls are already longer in the fridge, the rice hard and dry. Then you should better leave the fingers from the Sushi.

another indication of good Sushi is, if you dip the rolls in soy sauce and it falls apart. This is a technique of the Europeans, the Japanese have nothing in common. In Japan, only the pad, so the raw fish dipped in soy sauce, never the rice.

The fish

Will not be chilled fish correctly, if it turns quickly. Salmon, for example, at the corners of brown when he is old. Just As Tuna. The edge of the fish is already dry and matt, not eat him. Always make sure that the cold chain was properly maintained. No matter whether in the Restaurant, at the Sushi-Take-away or supermarket. Fish is protein and water rich and thus an ideal breeding ground for disease-causing germs.

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scandal spiced tuna – like rotten Sushi fresh Sushi

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The fish should not smell fishy, firm and clear appearance and non greasy be. In the Sushi Restaurant, you can make sure the best. There sushi rolls are freshly prepared before the eyes of the guests. The can control directly the Hygiene.

Who is buying packaged Sushi from the supermarket, you should follow the ‘use by’ date and storage instructions carefully. After the expiry of the minimum durability date, the rice should wander rolls in the garbage. The consumer advises, Sushi is not longer than twelve hours at about zero degrees to keep.

Sushi is also available as TK-product. The deep freeze kills while parasites reliably, from a taste perspective, this is frozen product but not to compare with freshly made Sushi.

To go in terms of quality, really can to prepare Sushi, of course. Then the seller applies to the fish to ask explicitly for the Sushi quality. Because not every fish is suitable to be eaten raw.

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