Grateng? Grantän? So if you speak French dishes properly


The German has to strain the call of the eternal know-it-all, and the cliché a little further to the of the sought model. He wants to make everything right. This also includes foreign terms, correctly pronounce, if one is using them, such as for food and drinks. According to lustig it is not, if it works so completely.

Actually, such a blunder would not be that bad and also worth talking about – were it not for this Effort. What would dismiss a Frenchman, Italian or Spaniard, probably with a shoulder shrug, if it would recognize it at all, drives in the country many a blush. And you need to be a special language pedant, to feel those small, nagging urge, the other to the error – quite exemplary-friendly, of course.

Culinary terms

Latte matschiato, Gnotschi and Prosätscho – is that really right?

If you want to do something particularly right, there is a risk that it is particularly wrong. This can be very funny, such as in the pronunciation of some food and drinks.

Italian and French – tricky pronunciation

The Italian and the French pronunciation is actually the best form of words to pronounce. It has, of course, but a few rules works out the order to the Italians: The Latte macchiato, for example, is not pronounced Latte mattschiato or Latte matschato, but rather Latte makkiato. Because in the word “macchiato” is an “h” between “c” and “i”. The rule States: a “ch” before an “e” or “i”, it is spoken as a hard “k”. Without “h” such as, for example, in Cappuccino, it is to “Chee” (-ci) or “Czech” (ce).

In French, there are some stumbling blocks. Some letters are simply pronounced even though they are there. You will be swallowed up, shortened, and ignored or merge into a new sound.

Our list is not exhaustive. Rather, it is a small Overview of the most common linguistic stumbling blocks of the culinary French world and is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. If you know of any other ideas please feel free to write to

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