Great Pils-Check in Ökotest: Almost all of the cut top from – but there are also rear lights


Pils is the most popular beer in Germany and is, with over 50 percent market share, far ahead of Export, wheat or white. “Ökotest” has taken in the current edition 43 Pils brands closer under the microscope and in the laboratory for examination. The result is likely to many beer Fans to taste: More than half of the Beers cut off “very good”, including well-known brands such as “Beck’s” or “Astra”, but also the net own brand, “Falk felser Premium Pilsener”. Twelve Pils varieties in the Test are “good”. The conclusion of the lights, but after all, not a bad one, are an organic beer and five conventional Pils. You will receive an overall “satisfactory” test results.

questions, which each represents

beer Can expire and go bad?

By Denise Snieguole Wachter, Approximately one third of the Pils contains glyphosate residues of

The test report, however, shows Many of the manufacturers have, as before, stands problems with glyphosate-back. Glyphosate is a herbicide that is suspected of causing cancer is. The funds will be mainly used in cereals, probably also in the case of malting barley. An investigation by the Munich environmental Institute from the year 2016 to be made to the, albeit low, residues in the beer carefully.

Since then, the industry has learned to do this, “but from the table, the Problem is not still” says “Ökotest”. About a third of the tested Beers is charged with amounts to a devaluation. Nevertheless, these quantities were very low, the Beers are drinkable, explains “Ökotest”.

In the Pils? Please use reusable bottles

For Pils in cans and disposable glass bottles with reference to the deterioration in the climate balance of a Note trigger. Five of the six tail lights on the Test plug in one-way packaging made of aluminum, tinplate or glass. The Bio-beer “Hofmark Pils” from Dennree exceeds the Bio-orientation value for pesticides, and cut off therefore only “Satisfactory”. As the manufacturer stated to “Ökotest” has been set for the production and delivery of the product, however, already in February 2019. The Pils should be available in stores.

Pils in “Ökotest”: Why the taste is not

For consumers has a rating of one, especially a criterion in the Pils-purchase: the taste. However, the has a rating of “Ökotest” and for good reason. “It is like a gambling, whether you are buying a good or a bad tasting beer. Because the storage of the drinks and super markets, discount stores in gas stations and disco often so bad that even a perfectly-brewed beer can take a taste of the damage of” by “Ökotest”. The biggest enemies for the taste, temperature and light are, among other things, to high camp.

a range of Pils beer at the gas station a little too long in the sun, tastes the beer after bad. Because Pils is a light and light beer, were missing grades also taste out particularly fast, so “Ökotest”.

Three samples – three different tastes

not be stored in That Pils Beers always optimal, and suggests a sample. One of the most famous brands of Beers Ökotest bought two more samples. One sample came from the same Shop as the previously tested beer, the second sample from a different business. The Result? “So, so”, according to the testers. “The results of the three Tests were so far apart that we were able to cases, to the taste, not an objective judgment. With this beer, but also to the taste of all the other Pils in the Test.”

The full set of test results you can retrieve here.



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