Horchata: this Is the new coffee Trend?


When the coffee specialities are offered at the big coffee chains, you know that there is a Trend in the Mainstream is landed. So it was, for example, with the Cold Brew, cold brewed coffee, which revolutionized the iced coffee with oodles of whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or the Espresso Tonic, available since some years in many German cafes: Tonic Water on ice with a shot of Espresso.

Now, one sees already the next coffee Trend. At least the “New York Times” it is relatively safe and in the US branches of Starbucks, she was already offered: the Horchata. With or without caffeine.

Horchata: Latin America’s favorite beverage

Espresso and Tonic

we are pleased to present: This is the latest and hippest coffee creation

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

This is one of the most popular drinks in Latin America: A sweet cinnamon tasting Drink, rice-based. This rice is soaked in water, through a sieve, poured, sweetened with sugar and with cinnamon flavoured. Actually sounds quite simple, it is also.

And the Drink comes at exactly the right time. Because more and more people – also in Germany – have less to conventional cow’s milk and prefer to use plant milk. This is partly due to the fact that the Lifestyle of the people changes. More and more feed vegan or vegetarian or consciously value it to consume less animal products such as cow’s milk.

Where is demand, there is also an offer. Therefore, the Range of milk alternatives from soy is enough – on almond, to oat milk. (Read more here, whether plant milk is really a alternative to cow’s milk.)

The Horchata fails exactly in this notch. On ice and with a shot of Espresso, you might be to Drink in the summer. As yet we have not spotted the Horchata in German cafes, who would like to try but, makes you easy for yourself.

coffee machines: How to cook your coffee? Try these 13 variants Fullscreen

Boring: filter coffee machine

“Time for a Cup of coffee to” cook, so something was there before the invention of the filter coffee machine, actually. As in the late fifties to the machine, then the vacuum-Packed ground coffee came in the super markets could not be stopped, the automation of the coffee cooking. The filter coffee machine mimics the surge of ways to Brew the Kaffeemehls with the Hand. The water enters a water heater and is heated to 92 to 94 degrees Celsius. By the pressure of the vapor bubbles, the hot water shoots in a riser pipe that ends above the filter bag. Therefore, the Bubbling and hissing at the Scalding.

the duration of The brewing process for some of the machines regulate. Each manufacturer maintains its own imaginative name: aroma switch, Hot brewing system, Flavoring System and some more. As well as hot, you can regulate the contact time between water and coffee flour. A so-called aroma switch with the settings “Weak”, “Strong” and “Strong” regulates the flow time of the water. The longer the water is able to dissolve the aromatic substances from the coffee powder out, the stronger the coffee is. The coffee flows in a bottom-heated glass jug, is ruined, the delicate Aroma after no more than ten minutes. The coffee is bitter. Systems with thermal pots keep the coffee without the need for additional energy to warm, but also the Aroma very much longer.


in Most cases, mild coffee with a fine acidity.

suitable For:

All, the need to have multiple cups at one time and want to prepare without a large expenditure of time. Especially for the cleaning of the machine.

What is coffee

100% Arabica suitable varieties. The filter paper and the filter angle are matched to this fine coffee places.


ingredients for Horchata (with Espresso)

about 150 grams of Langkornreis500 ml of hot Wasser1/2 – 1 Zimtstange500 ml of cold Wasser40-50 g vanilla sugar a pinch of salt cinnamon to garnish a shot of espresso ice cubes


rice, hot water and Zimstange in a pot and let it soak overnight. The next day, the rice and the liquid (without the Cinnamon stick) in a blender and puree. Then, through a sieve or Cheesecloth to filter. Cold. Then with ice cubes and a shot of Espresso serve.

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