Hot air deep fryers for were test – more frustration as delicious French fries


are hot air fryers the kitchen trend of the last few years. They promise the result is a classic deep-fryer, without that the whole apartment smells like a Snack. In addition, you do not consume several liters of Oil to fry four servings of French fries.

Stiftung Warentest has looked at the devices and is not amused. Instead of great results, the hot air supply deep fryers, especially “a lot of hot air” is the conclusion. Indeed, the novel devices of grief on a number of areas. Of the 13 devices in the Test, none achieved the grades good or very good. The five piece won the satisfactory – four were sufficient or deficient.

Expensive devices are deficient

Gluten and sugar-free

The healthier Fries

A disastrous result – a lack of detention can be translated also with useless. Under the with Sufficient graded devices, the expensive device was in the Test. The Phillips Airfryer XXL HD9762 after all costs 290 Euro. Also brand appliances from Tefal, Severin and De’longhi achieved only a poor.

The poor results usually result from a risk of injury. Individual components heat up very much, you touched, you get burned fingers. For the tester, a clear No-Go.

Unfortunately, the testers were not convinced of the preparation, because it is all very tasty, the fried food were not. In particular, the chicken were generally a disappointment. Mostly it was not crispy, but remained watery. In addition, the legs were not really cooked through, but remained on the bone raw. Pretty disgusting, the tester found. Because of better results in the oven.

Also some technical improvement is not convinced. Some devices apply the food to be fried with a Paddle. So the fries from all sides should be crispy. Great idea, but unfortunately, the break and the stirrer zermusen sticks the Potato to turn instead of you gently. The result is a more unappetizing French fries break.

fries to go

Frit is likely to be the main dish for this type of preparation. After all, four devices were delivered by then, but tasty fries. The best Fries and a satisfactory overall grade offer only two devices: Philips Airfryer HD9220 (121 euros) and the Caso AF 400 (124 Euro). Both the Caso AF 400 is the slightly larger device that provides more volume and a higher performance.

the judgment of the tester is pretty harsh. Often it is only given by the manufacturers cooking times and temperatures are, however, but it seems to be not chosen correctly. With a bit of experimentation better results you can produce.

if you read reviews and customer ratings, is the Tenor of much friendlier, than the test results suggest. However, it is also obvious that there are a lot of disappointed customers. One can therefore conclude that these devices are not nearly as Mature as the classic oven and a microwave.

The whole Test, you can view for a fee. to know


So, you will smell smell los Fat in the kitchen

Who is frying in the kitchen or deep-fried, knows the vexed subject: It is usually burned or fat. Use these Tricks to get rid of the grease smell quickly.

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

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