Hot Dog, anyone? The cult of recipes from Copenhagen


It was made the “New Nordic Cuisine” and the godfather of René Redzepi, the Copenhagen, and its cuisine is known internationally. René Redzepi is a master of his craft. He has revolutionized Nordic cuisine. It is thanks to him that Denmark is home to one of the best Restaurants in the world. The Noma is awarded with two Michelin stars and has been repeatedly elected to “The World’s 50 Best Restaurant”, mostly on the front three places. It is one of the most influential Restaurants ever.

Smørrebrød is the Trend

rye bread, eggs and coffee: a day in Copenhagen begins. or you get a warm from the oven crispy baked goods from one of the small bakeries. Popular are, for example, cinnamon or cardamom buns.


More cult recipes from Copenhagen, there is in: “Copenhagen” by Christine Rudolph and Susie Theodorou. Published in Christian publishing. 272 pages. 32,99 Euro.

For lunch, would you like to go in Copenhagen quickly, therefore, there is only something on the Hand. In the Trend smørrebrød – a loving and consuming sandwiches, all ingredients are carefully matched to each other is. Who does not eat the bread like a snack, you can also put on the counter or in a Restaurant.

in the Evening there’s hearty stews, soups and Roasts, especially in the winter months. But when even the smallest ray of Sun fired up in Copenhagen the Grill. The Danes enjoy a barbecue at home in a convivial atmosphere with family and friends.

What are the dishes you should definitely try and, above all, prepare yourself, learn the route in the following Recipe.

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