How about a culinary test of courage? For example, spring roller with grasshopper


roles Are the sensor on the spring, or is it Cress? Larvae are the Tacos? A flour worm peeping out of the potato balls? Those who look at the pictures of the Italian photographer Michela Benaglia, is looking for, what you don’t want to see on the plate dear: insects, spiders, caterpillars, Scorpions. In each of the arranged by her dishes an extra serving of Protein in the particular strain is. However, discreet.

Visible, the crawler will only be on the portraits of Benaglias colleague Emanuela Colombo. The animal photographer put edible insects and arachnids, including a Scorpion stainless in the scene in front of a white background and with a lot of patience. “Worst of all, the crickets were. Constantly jumping in my face and the lens,” says Colombo. “In the end I Packed it before each shot for ten seconds in the refrigerator. Thereafter, they remained at least for three seconds to sit.”

insect food for the two photographers, more than a dare. “In 2050, we will be on the earth for over nine billion people are fed, and all in need of Protein,” says Michela Benaglia. The area is not sufficient to produce all of this food. And already today, an ever more intensive agriculture and the massive amounts of greenhouse gases and manure.

insects are protein booster

insects and arachnids provide plenty of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, while their environmental balance sheet is a lot cheaper than those of bovine animals or pigs: For one Kilo of insect biomass, about two kilos of feed expended, in the case of pigs there are five, in cattle, up to ten. The small insects can utilize their feed as efficiently, because you have to invest as a cold-blooded, no energy in body heat. In the production of the beetle larvae such as Mealworms at most one-tenth the amount of Greenhouse gas is also per Kilo, which is created in the pig fattening.

globally, the mankind cultivates long since a pragmatic relation to the consumption of insects For about two billion people, it is completely normal, beetles, caterpillars, spiders, bees or ants to eat. In Mexico, for markets in baskets are sold as Chapulines, toasted grasshoppers. In Cambodia and nibbling grilling on a skewer, in South Africa, stews with Mopane cooked caterpillars. “For us, insects are the solution to many of the problems, even if it is, here in Europe, many are finding it hard to put them in the mouth,” explains Benaglia.

While it is allowed in the EU since the beginning of 2018, to bring the insects as a “Novel Food” on the market, in most countries, however, could not prevail in the products. Only in the Netherlands and Belgium, crickets or larvae are by now a reasonably familiar sight on the supermarket shelf. In Germany, the hand divides the full Start-ups a limited market. The chosen force the athlete to the target audience and sell protein bars with barbecue powder. Others provide chocolate for the Brave, with the clearly visible roasted mealworms quenching is likely to be less than the price of ten Euro per 100 grams. In the case Rewe, the first Burger made from Buffalo worms in the frozen food aisle is, after all, in the drugstore market, noodles and Tagliatelle are ten percent of all insects share, and an Ikea Team working, allegedly, already no longer Insektenbullarn.

the Italian team of chefs to discover the animals ‘ well-being first, believe Emanuela Colombo: “We have long searched for a chef, the recipes for our project, developed and prepared, but without success. Eventually, we came across Entonote, a small club based in Milan, wants to make edible insects of known and tastings are organized. We cooked then at my house.”

The special ingredients, the activist brought the inside of Entonote with: dried locusts and crickets, fresh silkworms and other larvae, some ordered online, some self-drawn. Popular dishes from all over the world have been grafted in Emanuelas kitchen with a protein based: Tacos with moth larvae, miso soup, silkworms, Tagliatelle with barbecue, Vietnamese spring rolls with locusts.

“It was not so easy to hide the animals in the food,” recalls Michela Benaglia. “We have hired a food stylist, in order to see in the courts, there are no legs or tank more. We wanted to show that even insects can eat look appetizing.” So crickets have been embedded as a powder is stirred in, and the larvae under the avocado slices, locusts in a rice paper wrapped.

How it tastes? Nutty

For their portraits of living animals moved Emanuela Colombo by pet stores and bought the insects, which were offered as reptile food. Exotic arachnids such as the Scorpion and the tarantula you will have to borrow from private pet owners that accompanied their favorites to shoot – what, not able to stop the Scorpion of the same with a raised barbed on the camera to go.

After the work was tried. “Nutty” would have tasted the crickets and grasshoppers, says Benaglia. A little difficult the flour was worm, so Colombo. “You can feel the shape of the mouth. It was okay, but my brain was thinking of the worms that I had ever seen on the floor.”

your photo models could save the photographer a end in the cooking pot: “I live in the country, and I’m with my eight-year-old son in the fields to the left. There, we have left you free. Lorenzo was happy about it probably the most. He loves all the little creepy crawlies and researched every day, the ants in our garden. He would never eat an insect.”

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